Warning: Contains Scenes Of Senator Ronan Mullen Which Some Viewers May Find Distressing.


Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee visited Dublin today to cover the death of Savita Halappanavar,

And met Ronan.

“This is, if you like, a tragic, a freak situation that has arisen”.



Via Louise Williams

93 thoughts on “Warning: Contains Scenes Of Senator Ronan Mullen Which Some Viewers May Find Distressing.

  1. ABM

    Fair play to him. Hatred of people because of their firmly held beliefs is a disgusting aspect of so-called liberal society.

        1. Rod

          The liberals want free speech and everything else as long as you agree with them.

          Disagree with the Liberals and you seen their Fascist tendencies coming out.

          1. AMC

            Since when is calling someone a ‘gowl’ Fascism? No melodrama here, no sir.

            More like “Broadsheet regulars tired of same-old WUM posts from troll incapable of actual debate”

    1. smiffy

      I think you’ll find it’s a far more common aspect of illiberal societies, like the one Ronan Mullen and people like him would have us go back to.

    2. droid

      Really? I would’ve thought that hatred of say… those who ‘firmly’ believe that blowing up civilians in a suicide bombing is a justified path to paradise was perfectly compatible with the values of a liberal society.

    3. AMC

      You know, it says a lot about a person – even when posting anonymously on the internet – that they would keep coming back to an internet site, one that’s clearly the polar opposite to their own views & outlooks, just to troll & trash-talk with continuous snide comments and put-downs.

      So what are you: attention-seeker? Wannabe crusader? Or just completely insecure in your own outlook that you must trash others’, even in the face of such obvious tragedy.

        1. AMC

          I agree, but one does have to wonder what the point of it all is. And his / her posts are so frequent and predictable it’s hard not to get sucked down to their level

          Though given how he/she only ever replies to the nastier vitriolic comebacks (and shame on any of you that have), my own conclusion is that he / she is simply looking for validation for their own increasingly minority view. So yeah, massively insecure really.

          “oh look how horrible these ‘liberals’ are” whilst ignoring the majority of reasoned debate.

          1. Frodo Baggins

            I’ve tried to debate, or reason with ABM before. I’ve decided I simply will ignore his posts on here from now on. Act as if they’re not actually there.
            And shame on me I think i have actually sunk a few times to either telling him to F off or name calling.
            It’s got to be trolling as tehre’s never a debate.

    4. KeithFahey's moustache.

      I would have thought inflicting your beliefs on other by locking them in Magdalin Laundries, stoning them to death for adultery or denying them medical treatment because of someone else’s religion hating someone is so much worse!

      1. lou

        It’s be nice to think there’s only one of them, wouldn’t it? Reassuring to know they are the minority though.

    5. Michael

      I don’t think it’s hatred – more a hearty dislike of intolerance, ignorance and egotism. Hatred gets us into the emotional whirlpool of the “decent Irish Catholic”.

    1. DJ

      Yup, me too. I’d say they hung around outside a church and waited for the smallest mind they could find. Unfortunately using that moron paints us in a bad light. Everyone I’ve spoken to is furious about what has happened. They seem to have found the one person who thinks the hospital did the right thing. Perhaps that old dinosaur is ABM in the flesh.

      1. Grammarcop

        “I know what you’re saying, but…” (puts fingers in ears)…”lahlalahldahdahdumdee”.

        Also, looks like the Pro Lifers might need a new name.

          1. albee

            @Anne What if my mother had decided to have an abortion? Well, I would never have existed, and therefore would never have understood what it is to exist, and therefore I would not care. No, wait. I wouldn’t even ‘not care’ I just would not be.

      1. AMC

        So you dismiss an entire world-view because your open, obvious trolls unsurprisingly garner pretty obnoxious responses?

        I mean there’s narrow-minded and then there’s just deliberately constructing a fantasy-trip.

        Frankly if you use comments from an internet-site as proof of something, you’re naive to boot. Protip: for gods sake don’t go to YouTube or your faith (hoho) in humanity will be lost for good.

      2. KeithFahey's moustache.

        And the Kind of intolerance and hatred that led to young girls being locked up in Magdalin Laundries, or being stoned to death for adultery or denying them medical treatment because of someone else’s religion or inflicting a Symphysiotomy on a lady because of your beliefs is so much worse than calling someone names.

        I do find your upset at hatred quite interesting as you implied someone should go commit suicide on a thread yesterday obviously your tolerance is limited to.

      3. deliverusfromevil

        You’re right ABM, a lot of people on this forum are intolerant of iron-age values dictating the laws of a modern secular democracy.
        I am intolerant of an archaic value system that categorises certain children as “illegitimate”, certain women as “sluts” that deserve to be raped and that is morally vacuous on the subject of abuse of children.
        I would suggest you may be more comfortable with the people of http://www.landoverbaptist.net .

    1. Mr Meh

      I hope he is right about one thing- that there is a hell. Odious people like him will burn in it for the things they have done.

        1. Jess

          Opposed women’s rights for one, defended those awful YD posters for another. I don’t believe in hell or karma, but Ronan Mullen can f**k off.

          1. Jess

            He can f**k off for treating women with the contempt he has repeatedly shown in his Senate and public appearances.

            Disagreement is one thing, but as someone with some amount of power and influence dismissing half the population as not even being worthy of the right to bodily integrity is despicable.

            So I guess a couple more politicians than just Mr Mullen can f**k off, too. But he’s the subject of this article, I believe.

          2. Blobster

            Maybe everyone who disagrees with your understanding of human rights should f**k off and just let you get on with it? Any those who disagree with my views on, say, voting at 16 or marriage equality, should f**k off too. They’re soooo difficult to reason with.

          3. Jess

            Well, I’d appreciate if they’d f**k off and let me get on with looking after my own life, but I guess that’s part of why I emigrated in the first place.

          4. Frodo Baggins

            Blobster? I suggest you go back and read ABM’s comments directed at me yesterday – I was directed to China, Amsterdam and other places I don’t recall – But I was very much told that his ilk didn’t want us in the country.
            It’s a sad fact that the majority of Irish people have spoken on this issue and been ignored.

          5. Blobster

            @Frodo ABM would hardly be described as a overly polite and reasonable commentator. I wouldn’t take it to heart. Opinions are opinions. I really don’t get on board with this….”wouldn’t this country be so much better if everyone who agreed with me would just f**k off and let me live with everyone who agrees with me on everything”.

            I think you should stay anyway Frodo. I like having you around. And Jess too…….we always on opposite sides to this argument but sure that’s ok too.

  2. Hank

    I give up – that was meant to be a reply to Karen’s post above but although each of the 3 times I clicked Reply under her post, it still posted down here..

  3. Tickle

    At this stage I think BS is trolling just for the hit stats.

    You all want to take a step back and do what YOU feel is right to survive life. Or that of your kids.

    Fuk this arguing with idiots crap (I may have done my time… but not all of it)

    1. Michael

      It’s an applied science (applied biochemistry). No results are guaranteed. Either way, it’s a cop-out argument here.

    2. Blobster

      There was an ex-master of one of the maternity hospital on the radio in the last day who said it was….and I can’t remember the exact phrase….something like “the understanding of probabilities”. So no – not an exact science. If it was there would be no need for doctors to use their judgement. That’s fair enough.

  4. Arbs

    Maybe it is just me, but it is possible that Senator Ronan Mullen has a degree of practical insight into at least one of his cause celebres – a hint: it is not the abortion question. Isn’t he the paragon of a conventional way of life though – oh wait…I guess he’s just a fortysomething single celibate man like any other…

      1. Arbs

        Of course you do make a reasonable point but I notice that you fail to appreciate that Mullen has spent a career interfering, moralising and casting grotesque and untrue aspersions on the private lives of gay men and women. The nadir of this being, a surreptitious attempt to link homosexuality with paedophilia. Their moral crime: not to subscribe to his narrow conventional moral agenda. I have no real interest in his sexuality, and my point, is not that he doesn’t exactly emulate the gold-standard which he promotes (rather feverishly in opposition to other ways of life). When Mullen stops making an issue out of the private lives of a non-negligible number of his fellow countrymen and women, I’ll be only too glad to refrain from pointing out the smug hypocrisy inherent Senator Ronan Mullen’s somewhat unconventional way of life, whatever his sexuality- straight, gay, bi or even asexual.

        1. Jess

          Being single isn’t ‘unconventional’, it’s as conventional as any other kind of marital status. And just because a politician stoops to odious muckraking politics doesn’t mean you should too. Criticise his policies and his actions, not the man himself.

          1. Arbs

            I don’t disagree with what you are saying but when a person in the vein of Senator Ronan Mullen who presents certain courses of life as morally virtuous and others as not, he is setting himself up for a fall, particularly when there is the stench of smug hypocrisy about it all. Of course being single is not in any way unconventional but Mullen certainly advocates ways of life that count as conventional and unconventional, the former deserving of an elevated legal status. This is taken to the extent whereby he advocates that those who believe they follow a conventional path can make a conscientious objection against those who follow a different path. A freedom to offend, if you like. It is this sort of hypocrisy and moralising I am trying to highlight but I certainly accept the point you make.

  5. Arbs

    Senator Ronan Mullen, speaking as a medical professional is indubitably correct: medical opinion will doubtless diverge on the factual matrix: Dr. John Waters is already penning his carefully considered, eminently expert, non-agenda driven response, after close collaboration with Dr. David Quinn and Dr Breda O’Brien of the (now) Iona “medical” Institute. The are ready, willing and able to appear on TV. And speaking of agendas, Senator Ronan Mullen, the heterosexual unmarried defender of heterosexual marriage is alerting the Irish public to the insidious forces at work, in a piece entitled, “Savita Halappanavar”, What was her Real Agenda ?” Meanwhile, back at the ranch at Youth Attack HQ, flood warnings have been issued due to the torrent-like streams of bile released by “concerned” members of the aforementioned organisation. AMB is under threat from being utterly submerged…

    1. Jess

      I am actually really looking forward to reading the total bollocks Waters is sure to come out with about this any day now. He’s still banging on about the Children’s Referendum today…

  6. jim

    we need to get rid of the Senate. Unelected people like this should not be allowed any where near government.

  7. Frodo Baggins

    Jaysus Broadsheet!
    You’re after making me look a weirdo here – those two comments were in response to something that got deleted!

  8. Paul Moloney

    I suppose the nice thing about this is he’s now hated across the Middle East and India. There’s a billion people who now grit their teeth when he does his little studied “sympathy voice”.


  9. M

    I have an issue with the phrase pro abortion. I don’t consider myself pro abortion. Just pro choice. There is a difference.

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