43 thoughts on “Best Competition Name. Ever.

  1. Miss T

    I had warm fond memories of coddle…until now. That last picture on the right looks like something that was eaten in a hurry and then regurgitated.

  2. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    I just got that. I haven’t had my coffee yet. I’m sure my cat sicked up coddle the other day.

  3. David Bourke

    Ahhhh remember my college days in Carlow in the 90’s. There was a chipper that sold crúibín and chips. Yummy after the nightclub.

    1. David O'Leary

      Be curious know which Takeaway sold Crubeens & Chips in Carlow? You say 90s so I’m assuming Nightclub was Foundry/Mimes?

    2. Parp

      So basically, nothing to do with this post whatsoever. Good stuff.

      Reminds me of going to school in the 80’s and drinking free milk.

  4. Randy Jaxon

    100% Coddle is possibly, nay probably, Ireland’s best dish.
    If you haven’t tasted coddle in the last year and are basing your opinion on some vague memory you had of it from when you were 6 years old then you do not have right of reply here. REAL TALK.

    1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

      Randy, what if you have never tasted it and thought it was made up until Tom Dunne started his radio show on Newstalk?

  5. Iwerzon

    Does coddle exist outside Dublin?
    I once was so shitfaced that I accidently boiled my fry-up and added spuds.

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