19 thoughts on “His What Are Tied?

  1. Munkifisht

    Eh, stupid… It’s a Typo, I mean come on! Obviously it was supposed to read “Minister Noonan is convinced, apparently, his nads are tired”, which would make sense after screwing the country so much.

  2. jim

    god, i hate hotpress – and i resent the fact that it’s directly subsidised by the Irish taxpayer through arts’ funding. they should cut it. who buys it any way? it’s as boring as broadsheet’s limericks.

    1. Mani

      It’s the equivilant of stocking filler for freshers’ packs in colleges. It’s as relevant as a Rubiks cube and has the same substance as Karen Carpenters’ ghost.

  3. Hector Ramires

    What’s wrong with it?

    His ‘nads’ are tied and Frau Merkel is twisting the rope tighter each day!

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