56 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Sydney

    1. Kolmo

      +1. Apes on tour. This is going to sound like a snob thing, but seeing some Irish people when on the continent is something I go out of my way to avoid, the lack of common decency and respect to non- English speakers in their own countries is like a carry-on film, it’s like they learnt a Sky documentary about brits abroad off by heart and go that extra mile to be obnoxious boors. The Swiss, Danes, Germans, French young people don’t seem to have such traveling oiks among them

  1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    Of course you don’t feel far from home in bloody Bondi! Shur you’re there will all your mates from home, reading Broadsheet, listening to Hector after work and drinking in Irish bars. It’s like you never left.

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        Gee. So, in Ireland, you are not forced to mix with loads of people you would rather not but if you go to Australia, you would have to?

        You are not forced to mix with Irish people, when you are in Australia, or Canada.

        1. Yea, Ok

          Maybe so, but in Ireland people will not automatically assume you’re a skanger/waster/scumbag just because you’re Irish. Unfortunately this can be the case in many foreign countries, and not without reason.

  2. Andy

    12 to a 2 bed apartment, matresses on the floor, wine from a carton, pale skin, drinking on the beach, communication problems with the locals (it’s just more fun with asians), and so on, we’ve been doing it for years without digital cameras

  3. Jockstrap

    They travel 12,000 miles and end up hanging around with people from their home town, wearing their local club GAA jerseys and eating Tayto. They also think they’re all the first people to do it despite the thousands of people doing just that since the early 1980s.

    1. Bubba Top Mop

      I’d imagine you could rearrange that 1980s to 1890s and it would still be largely accurate.

      Skangers will skang.

      1. James M. Chimney

        I tried, they always want to go to the same places though.

        I suggested the National Concert Hall and she countered with Dr.Quirkeys. I said Shannahans on the Green and she pleaded for Burger King. I suggested the penthouse in the Clarence and she said “behind Tescos”.

        1. Mani

          You’d think that since you were paying for her services she’d go where you told her.
          So much for customer service.

  4. illuminati16

    the dubs on broadsheet are really confused by this one – ” i wanna write a derogatory comment about culchies, culchies abroad” etc but wait ” shes wearing a Dublin jersey, what do i do, i’m so confused”,

    keep that hampster wheel turning guys you will get there

    1. Praetorian.

      Maybe she’s a culchie who got a jump of a Dub……trying to save face and hold onto what little pride and dignity she had left she donned her sires jersey.
      Dirty stop-out.

  5. sevens

    Not true, Illuminati. I enjoy poking fun at our country cousins as much as the next Dubliner – but these poor unfortunates walking around in PJs are a breed into themselves (quite literally, I expect).

  6. Pigeon Street

    Notice how the old guy in the pic is holding on to his trousers. No doubt he’s in real fear of them being stolen as he believes the crazy person before him owns no trousers of their own.

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