Also: anything to do with the Slick and Indignant Bottomwarmers Society [est. 1922] on Kildare Street?

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  1. Tazzle

    Anyone remember the private member’s club there? The House, set up by Lu Thornley around 2002 and I think it lasted a year or two…. Good times.

    1. Scoops

      My most cherished possession for a while was the black card with the mushroom they gave you so that you could get in no questions asked. Closest I ever came to being cool. Good times indeed.

  2. bisted

    .features several times in Finnegans Wake including: … FW006.04….hopes and the strupithump of his ville’s indigenous romekeepers…

  3. I also had my bike stolen

    My bike was stolen from right outside. The pole it was stolen from is gone now (since the recent pedestrianisation).

    1. Hooplah

      The actor and broadcaster Danny Reardon lives there. Prior to that, it was briefly a rather debauched private members’ club called “The House” run by a bunch of English trustafarian types. I recall some wild nights there circa-2002 but it didn’t work out and they went back to London I think.

  4. BC

    I find it rather ironic that the Wiki page credits one of the founders of a charity to help the sick and the poor being of the name James Reilly…… Maybe our more recent Dr. Reilly could learn a thing or two…..

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