The Hailo/Moustache Challenge: Week 2


How’s the growth?

Itchy, right?

Here’s another chance to win €30 – yes €30 worth of free credit with Hailo, the Dublin taxi app that has literally changed everything.

Also Hailo will donate another €30 – yes, another €30. – to the winners’ Mo funds.

Send your (or someone you know’s) Movember growth to Hailo/Moustache Challenge Week 2 at

All images by midnight.

Judges will be inspecting volume, texture and ‘personality’.’Threadbare ronnies’ will not be accepted at this stage of the competition. Apologies.


Last week’s finalists here


8 thoughts on “The Hailo/Moustache Challenge: Week 2

    1. Jess

      Au contraire, you can use a picture of a friend’s tache. Or draw one in yourself; I figure you could get pretty creative with a good brown eyeliner pencil. Maybe a couple different shades for depth and definition!

    1. Aidan Coughlan Post author

      Hi mouldyman. Hailo will also be donating €30 to the winners’ mo funds, in aid of prostate cancer charities, which I initially forgot to mention. It’s included in the post now. Thanks!

  1. GaryMcGrane

    Hey Guy’s
    Just caught your post on Facebook,
    I have signed up with Movember in aid of prostate cancer as you all know already :).
    Hope I could win you Challenge if so I would like it if all winnings could go to my Movember Campaign,,
    ;) Mo

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