Minister for Health James Reilly is resisting pressure to commit to the introduction of legislation to clarify the legal situation governing terminations of pregnancy.

Dr Reilly said it would be improper of him to make such a commitment before he considered the report of his expert group on abortion.

He said he had given the report, which he received this week, a “quick glance” but had not had time to study it properly. After he had done this, he would bring it to Cabinet, he said yesterday.

Take your time there, Bottler.

It’s not like the world is watching in horror or anything.

Too soon to commit on abortion legislation, says Reilly (Paul Cullen, Kitty Holland, Harry McGee, Irish Times)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)

50 thoughts on “Too Soon?

  1. KeithFahey’s Moustache

    Experts you say if only Father Fintan Stack had the letters M.D after his name he might better understand the situation. Oh wait

  2. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    When he says that the report will stand up to international scrutiny my stomach turns. It’s as if the panic is rising in him because Savita was Indian and if she was 100% Irish he wouldn’t give a toss.

    1. fits

      I just emailed his office to say ‘a quick glance’ just isnt good enough.

      Keep the pressure on folks. Or they’ll kick the can down the road, just like all the other governments since 1992. Not going to stand for this anymore.

      1. Definition

        Well done, I hope BS put up details of tomorrow’s marches around the country. I have marched before but for Savita I will.

          1. Trapper

            I’m the same as that; I’ve never marched before and will be bus-bound to Dublin later today for tomorrow’s march.

            Please, everyone who cares about this, get your arse to the Garden of Remembrance tomorrow at 4pm.

  3. Miss T

    I don’t care how busy you are, if there are thousands of people outside the dail crying and pleading with you to not allow another woman to die needlessly then you should probably reserve 45 mins in your day to read a fucking report, which has been a long time in the making. If James Reilly cannot even make this small allowance for the people who he is supposed to be representing then he is not fit for his role.

  4. deliverusfromevil

    I was so proud that Ireland made the front page of Reddit for two days in-a-row. Thankfully the world has gone back to looking at pictures of cats and people learning gravity.

  5. Twunt

    Give him a break, he is a busy man.

    He has to oversee the construction of 2 primary care homes in his constituency.

    1. Fill3rup

      ..also single handedly deliver free GP care to everyone by 2015.. and complete Universal Health Care shortly after…cough.

      He some Man..

    1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

      I give him another 4 years. Who would get rid of him? I doubt Enda has read it either.

      1. James M. Chimney

        They just give Inda colouring books these days. I love when he walks into a room, the intellectual temperature just plummets.

    1. Miss T

      I will be there, and while the other night was sombre, Saturday will be suitably militant and angry. Enough is enough

  6. Pablo Pistachio

    Where is our great leader in all this? Has Mr.Kenny after embarrassing himself with his comments gone to ground and left it up to the incompetent minister for health to deal with?
    I know they get advised by PR companies to say and do as little as possible in these situations, but, waiting three months for a report to be published is totally unacceptable. Are they hoping that between now and then the story will slide off the front page and people’s focus will be moved to something else.

    A very important question was put to Dr. Reilly. What is he doing to prevent another tragedy from happening again? Absolutely nothing, sitting on his hands hoping the whole thing will go away.

    1. Miss T

      No, come on, we need to be fair. He had a quick glance at the report, it’s marginally more than nothing.

      1. Jess

        He read the title and started getting a bit hot under the collar, I imagine.

        “Oh God… it’s time…”

  7. Patty

    Such a terribly tragic story, I feel so sorry for her husband and family. I have heard leading obstetricians on radio saying there is grey area where they may feel the law does not protect them, even if this is only in very very limited cases we must legislate and clear this up immediately.

    It is such a pity that, in my opinion, the extreme left and certain elements of the media have jumped all over this sad story in a very crass way. I think Michael D’s ‘whipping up fear’ speech could be applied to our media this week.

    We must not get bowled over by a tide of emotion (which is obviously hard given the circumstances) and totally ignore due process. The medical staff involved are people too, and would seem to be being accused of extremely serious moral failings, at the very least, if not illegality given the current interpretation of our constitution and medical guidance. Surely as a rational, caring and democratic society we need to understand the exact facts of this case before making conclusions.

    I would call for calm heads.

    1. lou

      Why? A woman died in hospital after being refused medical treatment. Whether you think it would have made a difference, doctor’s refused prioritised waiting for the cardiac muscle of an unviable foetus to stop twitching over treating a living woman who was asking for their help. I’d say it’s time to get extremely angry.

      1. lou

        Oh my god, so many rage typos. *doctors refused to treat her and prioritised . .

        And I would add, either they weren’t legally able to save her, in which case I would be furious over the lack of legal protection afforded to pregnant women or they were, in which case they refused to even consult a legal expert and check (despite the fact that they should have been familiar with what treatment they could have provided a woman in the middle of a failed miscarriage, working in obstetrics), fobbing her off by telling her ‘This is a Catholic country’.

        1. Kath


          People have enough information to weigh the facts and make informed opinions. I am so sick of the “we don’t know the facts” argument, which tries to appeal to people’s rational side but really wants to delay / prevent any legislating on X.

          Apologies to anyone who is really interested in more facts coming out over the next couple days before they can have any opinion. But I think this argument is being highjacked by the anti-choice side to (try and) prevent action/legislation.

          And for the record, the supposed ‘pro-life’ side has now officially lost any mandate to use that term. They are only “pro-conception-to-birthers”, and really have only ever been.

      2. Patty

        You may well be 100% correct, but I do not know this as fact. We just don’t know if it was a lack of legal clarity or some warped moral views of the medical staff that lead to this tragedy. We will find this out and appropriate action must be taken. Any link to religion here, if true, is truly disgusting, we all deserve medical care based on best practice and nothing else.

        In my opinion better decisions, leading to more longer standing outcomes, are made when all facts are known and anger is put to the side. This does not mean that emotion should be suppressed, in fact it is crucial that those in power understand the obvious anger that is out there. However, this should not be the main driver of for the framing of new legislation although it should/will be the trigger.

        1. lou

          “We just don’t know if it was a lack of legal clarity or some warped moral views of the medical staff that lead to this tragedy”

          Whichever one it is is worth getting angry about. Leaving a woman to suffer through a failed miscarriage for 3 days is not best practice. And none of us here (I assume,anyway) are in a position to make decisions regarding legislation, so yes, get angry. Make sure your representatives know that you’re angry and that inaction will only make you angrier. Being calm and suppressing emotion about this has allowed successive governments to avoid writing legal protection for pregnant women into law.

          1. Patty

            We will have to agree to disagree. Personally I believe that emotion, feelings and reason expressed in a calm but forceful way result in better outcomes for all.

  8. martco

    we all know the story here already don’t we?
    NOTHING is going to change

    been on BS for a few months now, figure many like myself make the odd comments on social and political matters maybe as a way to let some steam off and check that “is it just me or is there anyone else seeing this ineptitude, corruption, scandal etc. etc.

    we all like to talk about it

    but talking not going to change anything

    THESE FCKRS LIVE IN AN ALTERNATIVE REALITY they sit there and take their fat wages and fatter pensions to talk about the talks around the table in the cabinet and….

    you already know this….inept FF, FG, LAB maybe even SF CAREER POLITICIANS….do you think someone like Leo Varadwankar or Joan Brutal, Fintan Stack or especially Inda are gonna do ANYTHING unless they are forced to it?

    there is only ONE way to get things to happen imo and that is to stand at the gates of Leinster House and PROTEST PROTEST PROTEST!

    take a truck smash it thru the gates set it alight and PROTEST

    Let every news agency SEE what it means to people that we are finished now. finished with these fckrs and their ALTERNATIVE REALITY

    Make the TD’s feel uncomfortable, make them feel like you’ve just grabbed them by the lapels and fckn shook them awake…maybe some might even thank us cos they are asleep, they are not serving us and not doing their job

  9. ping

    3 months before the report will be released to the government – or 3 months until they can come up with a positive spin on in.. or 3 months for the media/ public fury to die down & they can push it back under the rug again…….

    1. martco

      actually where’s wikileaks when you REALLY need it???

      3 months my arse…that’ll be 3 months to organise the spin strategy with the Terry Prone School of Spinology

      I really hope somebody grows a set and leaks it

  10. Hank

    He “had not had time to study it properly”
    I demand to know what the f*ck else he had to do that he considers more important.
    The nerve of these people is actually astonishing..

    1. Clampers Outside!

      The dog ate his homework (he probably ate the dog, so he could ‘digest’ the info)

      *Gets lab coat, goggles and rubber gloves*
      “Bend over Dr Reilly, this may hurt a lot!”

  11. Spaghetti Hoop

    “Take your time there, Bottler. It’s not like the world is watching in horror or anything.”

    Best lines ever written on BS.
    I am exasperated, cannot illustrate my point further, pleased to see that everyone has illustrated their point. Await something from the legislators…….

  12. Cockahoop

    I am flabbergasted by the idiocy of this oxygen stealing moron, “a quick glance”, really! that is all this woman’s life was worth to you,

    I despair, I really do.

  13. Jockstrap

    Bottler is too busy figuring out which parts of the health service are going to to be divvied up to which private medical companies.

    He doesn’t care about the actual functioning of the health service. He’s just there to dismantle it and sell it off.

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