A ‘Newly-Created’ Position


The newly created position was filled last week without any public any public advertisement or recruitment process. Miss [Carol] Hanney (top) will continue to enjoy her current salary scale, which starts at €91,765.’


Today’s Irish Daily Mail.

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43 thoughts on “A ‘Newly-Created’ Position

  1. Rumpleforeskin

    Is it bad that the first thing that caught my eye is the laughably dubious claims in the “Good Health” section? “Drink yourself stupid!”, “Ah sure you’re fine, stop moaning” and “New Voodoo Cure Really Works (if you’re dumb enough to believe it does)!”

    As an aside, I think E.G. is a perfect example of what politics in this country does to people. Idealist turned clientelist in 5 easy steps!

    1. frillykeane

      This is what gives me ire about Gilmore and the missus
      Like wtf. Look at them, they’re not even enjoying their money. Neither of them need work a day in their lives again and and yet still have over a 100k PER ANNUM handed to them by US.

      I swear this is cúntology of the highest order. Thank Christ I have never voted Labour.
      Gimme Lowry anyday. At least in his grand schemes their was / is opportunity for others t’make a few bob.

      And he’s not afraid to buy a daycent suit for himself either.

  2. Phil

    Whatever about the rights and wrongs of the usual jobs for the boys (wifes) , Does it strike anyone as strange that this story comes out now, at a time with Gilmore has been very Vocal about legislation for the X case ?

    Reminds me of the clothes hanger Sean Gallagher got when he surprised the establishment by getting his nose ahead in the pres. race….

    1. KeithFahey’s Moustache

      Who cared when the story comes out, jobs for the boys are jobs for the boys regardless of the time we find out. I am pretty sure nepotism is not acceptable under public standards.

  3. iPaddy

    A more accurate interpretation of the story would be to say “GILMORE WIFE HAS HAD €92k GOVERNMENT JOB FOR AGES”.

    In fact, she was appointed under the last government at an even higher net salary. The big problem is that because of Croke Park, also negotiated by the last government, she keeps her salary and entitlements even though her position is being made redundant and she is being redeployed.

    1. Sido

      Precisely – The fact that the job wasn’t advertised is because they are re-deploying people. There are difficulties in making people redundant. Not least the fact that no one wants to give up “a job” on great wages.

      1. cluster

        This kind of nonsense is why the likes of Thatcher/Reagan still have an element of support despite all their inconsistencies and cruelties.

        You don’t have to be a right-winger to feel aggrieved that the public service cannot make let people go even when there is no useful position for them.

        1. Sido

          Here’s a sad story I understand that someone concerned with Traveler Education in Galway took his own life, after twenty years of work went down the pan. Redundant if you will.

          It’s a bitter pill from whatever perspective you look at it.

  4. thatsnotamareseedeasebends

    The real headline should be…
    “Labour creates 1 job”
    “Gilmores fall into shite and come up smelling of roses. Again!”

  5. Ash

    I find it extremely sad that there is no “fight” left in the people when they are faced with these sort of stories every day, i personally find it incredibly humiliating to have our faces rubbed in it time and time again

    Whatever happened to the man who fights for justice? Is it the best we can do to simply moan about it on sites like this etc? Surely not…

    1. frillykeane

      I know ‘mystery t’me as well.

      Although, (Health Warning : I only caught bits of it) Tim Pat was on Jenny* yesterday morning and linked our silent exasperation to the Genocide by famine DNA

      (* formally known as Plank)

    2. Jack

      Mortifying confession here, but when I came of voting age I thought I was doing something by voting as far socially left as I could. And I genuinely believed that by voting Labour I was voting for people who believed in the things that are in the Labour manifesto.

      It actually took me a foolishly long time to realise that, fundamentally, being a member of the political classes here is to be a rightwing plutocrat. It’s not a conspiracy theory to say that those in power here don’t mean a word of their alleged ideologies – that’s the system. They’re not struggling to get things done because democracy is slow to move. Barring the odd exception, they don’t really want a fairer society.

      What do you do with that?

      1. Fred Cogley

        @Jack – What do you do with that?

        Some options:
        1. Violently revolt
        2. Go into politics yourself and get elected and get into government and then try and make as much money as possible.
        3. Do the normal thing and try to make as much money as possible by the normal route of working in a job.

    3. Fred Cogley

      Is it the best we can do to simply moan about it on sites like this etc?

      So why are you moaning about it on sites like this?

      1. Ash

        well done Fred for stating my point again, you’re not really the sharpest tool in the box are you… jaysus!

        1. Fred Cogley

          I’m the 3rd sharpest fool in the pox.
          To answer your question
          – Is it the best we can do to simply moan about it on sites like this etc?


  6. Miles O'Tool

    Nice position!

    Sadly, the default position for the Irish taxpayer is to

    Remove trousers
    Get down on all fours
    Hope that the screwing will be over quickly

  7. cross-eyed cow

    What’s the point of closing down the VEC if we have to make up pretend jobs for the VEC workers to do?

    Why not just keep them on at the VEC?

  8. BlogArab

    I think it’s important to point out that Hanney’s salary is at least €92k. She’s actually somewhere on a scale between €92k and €114k. The Mail, believe it or not, erred on the side of caution. The story quotes a source who says she’s ‘almost certainly near the top end of the scale’. So somewhere around €110k for a job that had to be made up because they’d nowhere to put her. Wonder what would happen if she worked in the private sector? Hmm…

  9. Keith Martin

    Carol Hanney entitled to a career in her own right
    There is a story in two papers today which claims that Eamon Gilmore’s wife Carol Hanney has been handed a ‘specially created’ job in the Department of Education becoming an ‘adviser in Government’.

    She has recently been redeployed as part of the reconfiguration of the VECs as a policy specialist. She is NOT a special adviser to a minister, or anything of the sort. She is one of three ex VEC CEOs being redeployed, some to similar roles, and she has been given no special treatment. Carol Hanney has been a dedicated professional in education for 37 years, serving as a teacher, a principal, and as a VEC chief executive.

    Carol’s role is one of a professional public servant and there has been no political involvement whatsoever in this move.

    1. frillykeane

      Professional Public Servant is right.

      And go n’tell your bosses that that salary is obscene


  10. Ben Dover

    And she will no doubt be receiving “increments” on that gravy train salary and pension.

    Now let’s see what the Oxford Dictionary describes as increments :
    something added or gained; addition; increase.
    profit; gain.
    the act or process of increasing; growth.

    Curious that, eh, while the rest of us take cuts after pay cuts.
    The Croke Park Agreement (no pay increases), ah but then increments, strange use of the english language ! Not affecting the Tanaiste’s patch anyway. Nice one.

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