48 thoughts on “Choose Your Side

  1. Munkifisht

    for €240 a month I’d share my bed wit ha rabid dog. I’m not sure how the morning glory might go down though.

  2. Anthony Finucane

    She’s back! A friend of mine saw this same ad a few months ago.

    From what I remember of that version of the ad, there were three people living there. One guy lives in the sitting room and the other two share a bed.

  3. edalicious

    I once was seeing a girl who shared a double bed with her roommate. It was a bit weird. More than once I spent a night in the bed with the two of them. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed by morning..

  4. Woahtherehorsey

    As a wise friend of mine once said, upon hearing of a similar arrangement: ‘you’d pay big money to watch a situation like that in Amsterdam’

  5. Frodo Baggins

    I don’t even like sharing the bathroom. Sleeping in the same room as somone who’s not my partner would freak me out a bit, and the same bed…sweet jesus.

    1. Scatman John

      It’d possibly freak your partner out if you were to move into the apartment.

      Or possibly not…

  6. kasement

    Segye really should have uploaded a picture of the bedsharer, its as important as pictures of the kitchen, living room and rest of the F-Shack

    1. LJ

      I was just thinking that, why don’t they just put two single beds in the room. Or bunk beds are good as they leave lots of room for activities.

    1. ams

      €480 a room doesn’t seem too bad for smithfield. Tenant obviously can’t afford the rent and is “subletting”.

  7. Mike Baldwin

    @polly, good call. ‘Er, hi, I’m Emma, maybe we should go down the Harbourmaster, to like, get to know each other or something..’ Bizarre stuff and has to be fake….

    1. Tickle

      Or is it pure Genius?

      Bloke puts up that ad? There is no “original” female.

      Gets to interview a few who seem to be willing to the sleeping arrangements….. picks two…



  8. polly

    @Mike Baldwin. Exactly!! It would probably be more along the lines of “lets just drink heavily and not make eye contact for the duration of the lease, by the way you will never meet any of my friends or family” Can you imagine? you’d be living in fear of a friend asking you to give them ‘the tour’

  9. Mike Baldwin

    I’m still wondering about the first night!
    Cue music at end of Vincent Browne
    ‘Sorry? Ah no, I’ve a presentation to finish for the morning, you go on ahead Gretchen. Huh? That’s a lovely lace hemmed vest Gretch. What? Well, I mean many women have one larger than the other I hear, it’s quite common I’m told. Emmm, l’m not, not really, well, an expert pet (Oh Christ). Uh, yeah, it does seem to be a BIT tight alright Gretchen, yeah, a fitted one wouldn’t leave those lines, I guess. Listen, I’m heading down to the Offy or maybe to visit my parents, The presentation? It’s not crucial, sleep well. BYE.

  10. Mike Baldwin

    I wish I could see what the book on the bedside table is. Tropic of Cancer or The Story of O probably….:)

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