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    1. ex pat

      Until Pfizer develop killing and rape replacement therapy patches and inhalers there isn’t an alternative.

  1. Hector Ramires

    Loving how Love/Hate has gripped the nation when its clearly based on real life, but then the same nation is horrified when gangland explodes for real.

  2. AMC

    I think this might be a genuine sentiment – a lot of Hollywood films these days are directed not to show heroes or those considered ‘protagonists’ smoking in the films. Violence and language tends to get a pass, but smoking is very deliberately stamped out.

    It’s worth digging out the old Warner Bros cartoons – Bugs Bunny et al – to see how many of those characters would openly smoke during the sketches (usually when imitating PIs or riffing on contemporary movies), it’s mad to see…

  3. Tickle

    What is worrying is the reverse effect.

    People in pubs are behaving like they were in Love Hate….. Hard men and women.


    then again I was off my face last night and pondering on things that are beyond my intellectual reach.

    I wee’d on my self too. Should have shook that bad boy more!

  4. Rob

    How does smoking on screen fit in with the work-place smoking ban? How come they can smoke in doors and we can’t?

    1. woesinger

      Agreed – it’s completely unrealistic. Though they break the law in many other areas, drug gangs are noted (and rightly lauded) for their compliance with the work-place smoking ban.

      1. todge79

        They use herbal cigarettes for the indoor scenes. The kind you buy in the chemist when you’re trying to give up. Not the other kind of herbal ciggies. Hey-oh!

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