19 thoughts on “On The Luas At Abbey Street

  1. fieldmau5

    How is this actually possible? How do people have the intelligence to operate a machine as complex as a car yet not notice a 40 metre long giant tram heading in their direction?

    1. AMC

      I imagine both parties are at fault, but clearly the LUAS should have right of way.

      That said, it never ceases to amaze that for all the lighting around Dublin at night, you can see very little from behind the wheel of a car; certainly not as much as you’d think you could see.

  2. anon

    Frankly cars have very little reason to be on that part of Abbey street. I’d be amazed if the Luas driver deserved any blame, I’d also be equally amazed if the Luas driver wasn’t blamed anyway despite it not being his or her fault.

    1. Alan

      Hmmm, that is Jervis St and driver was heading north and appears to have chanced in front of a westbound Luas.
      Judging by the damage on the car and the stopping distance it looks like the tram got up to 15kph?
      The new front facing CCTV on every LUAS will prove the fault here, but I expect the cars’s insurers to be getting a big clam from Veola next year…

  3. sniffer

    Looks like it hit the middle of the Luas so it was in front of them anyway, yet they still rammed in to it?

    1. ex pat

      It is and the door behind is T.P. Smyths on Jervis Street. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people in Dublin in cars, bikes and foot who seem to say “the light has only just turned red it’ll be grand”

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