Are you:

a) Unwilling to listen to fat cats talking about the lack of cat food?

b) A fascist?

Protest Organisers Condemn SIPTU Chiefs Fascist Behaviour Remark (Irish Examiner)

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39 thoughts on “Did You Boo?

    1. anvil

      They are if they think a poxy little rally like that can make one iota of difference to the policies that the Irish government have to carry out under orders from their European paymasters.

      And as long as one rent-a-mob is falling out with another rent-a-mob at least it will raise a chuckle over the breakfast Cheerios in Brussels.

      That’s if this protest even registers over there as most people in Ireland were probably unaware of it anyway.

    2. cluster

      High union boss salaries combined with the fact that the unions are every bit as responsible as FF and the banks for the mess we are in.

      They were cheerleaders of the propoerty bubble and they fight tooth and nail against any attempt to run an efficient, effective public service. They play completely into the hands of right-wingers because they can be painted so easily as a greedy special interest group.

        1. Mani

          Well, you called him a ‘twat’ before that comment got deleted, so you’re hardly in a position to be attacking his strong debating skills.

          1. ex pat

            Entirely justified. Responding to someone else’s post with a cheap personal shot. Talk Victorian debating ethics all you want……

  1. Andrew

    Jack O’Connor is impossibly out of touch and so isolated from ordinary unions members that he seems incapable of understanding why they might be hostile to a leadership that has done everything but try and lead a fight. That and I don’t think WWII was fought because Hitler and a couple of his mates booed someone somewhere – Jack must have missed Godwin’s Law all together with that comparison.

  2. KeithFahey’s Moustache

    It is what I am calling Richard Boyd Barret syndrome; working class champion who earns 100,000 + a year and lives a sumptuous lifestyle is shocked that he cannot connect with the working class and does not understand what they want.

    Unions are quickly becoming a redundant monster, failing in their primary duty of protecting their workers’ rights and jobs in favour of ensuring they keep lining the pockets of the Union.

      1. flot

        Actually Ricard Boyd Barret may currently be on the big bucks but before he was elected he was earning only 12grand a year which he got from SWP/PBP.

    1. IDB

      Interesting point. I’ve often wondered if Unions in their current form are outdated. Considering they were set up to protect a largely uneducated workforce from genuine exploitation.

    2. ex pat

      Partnership was just that in the 1980’s all stakeholders sitting around a table working a way forward; since the early 2000’s it has just been a mechanism of unions extracting the maximum for the public sector payroll from governments without the balls to stand up to them.

      The carry on of the unions in defending Croke Park now is as bad and damaging as McCreevy’s deregulation agenda that let idiots rip with obscene sums of other peoples money and led to the bust SIPTU seem to ignore exists.

    3. Jolly

      Actually he just takes the average industrial wage. This would have made more sense if you spoke about union leaders like Jack O’Connor.

    1. Big Man

      So every time somebody or some group wants something in this country, you are saying that they must have a violent protest to achieve it?

      That might get a bit messy, no?

      1. Karl

        I’m not saying a violent protest is the answer. I’m merely saying that peaceful protests don’t work. The only real say we have on matters is who we vote for. Unfortunately, standing outside the G.P.O. with an anti-austerity poster achieves absolutely nothing.

      1. Nigel

        It was The Rubber Johnnies versus the Bareback Riders. Also, the origin of the insult ‘Yer Ma’s a Rider,’ implying that she was on the losing side.

  3. Mister Mister

    Unions leaders have their heads up their ass if think lefties need to orchestrate booing against them. “De ordinary” people are fed up with the beardies and their double speak and massive salaries and don’t need encouragement to tell them how they feel.

    1. Lan

      Hmmm….as much as it sickens me to agree with the foul union leaders, there was an organised effort behing the booing, I even know the FB page they used…although I’d say alot more with them heard the booing and chose to join them, god knows I would

  4. brainwashed

    The unions were booed off the stage at the march in 2010 also. People are not stupid. They see the union leaders for what they are. Unions are big business.

  5. Jolly

    People only booed for like half a minute and then voiced their need for a general strike. The only thing we can take away from the people in power is our labour – we need a general strike and it’s quite obvious how worried and scared Jack O’Connor is of his members. He didn’t go up to speak because he knows he hasn’t done his job. He knew people would be furious with him. To call people fascist and ask for apologies from the “leadership” is ridiculous. It was anger – because they simply haven’t done their job and are paid way to much.

  6. DD

    The deluded fools who ‘lead’ the trade unions should be thankful it was mere booing they were subjected to.

  7. MickT

    I was not able to get there, but if I had been there I would have been one of the loudest to boo the overpaid selfish fat cats.
    They are disgusting.

  8. johnner

    somehow i think the government planned and allowed for this march “a sure that’s the civil disobedience over now for another while, we’ll let them walks a few yards and hang around o’connell street out of harms way.

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