What Happened The Celtic Link Ferries Post?


A person purporting to be the frapist writes:

I would be grateful if you could please take down your piece on the Celtic Links tweet!! It was a frape!! I know because I did it!! This guy had absolutely nothing to with it and I’m really worried bout his job right now as I cannot get through to him. This is something moronic on my part!! You said at the start that if it was a frape you would take it down and it 1000% is.



65 thoughts on “What Happened The Celtic Link Ferries Post?

  1. Ann Onymous

    The word “frape” is so f**king insulting. If it was a (not very funny) practical joke then call it that. If it was a hack, then call it that. But using someone’s computer/phone without their knowledge is NOTHING LIKE rape.

    1. Bebs

      The word rape is commonly used in the computer world. For example, I raped John at Call of Duty last night.

      1. Jess

        ‘commonly used’ != ‘not offensive’

        Much like the pejorative use of the word ‘gay’, using ‘rape’ to mean ‘I totally beat someone at a videogame’ is upsetting and insulting to actual rape victims. So, please stop it thanks.

        1. fieldmau5

          No word is offensive, they’re just letters. It’s the intent or context in wich they’re used that makes them offensive. Also, ur gay!

          1. Friday

            No word is offensive? The intent is what matters?

            No. What matters is that someone is offended by it. If you say something that offends someone, either resolve to not say it again, or be okay with offending them. OWN what you say.

      2. Bebs

        My point is that even if you’re insulted, it’s a commonly used word and there’s no signs of that changing. Maybe you should devote some of your free time to coming up with a catchy alternative and educate the masses?

        1. KeithFahey’s Moustache

          Rape one of the many definitions from the Collins English dictionary; an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation:

          It appears it is suitable and it can be used in a context other than the sexual assault. So FRO you wanna be politically correct let’s not offend anyone one people

    2. Howard

      Would you be offended if I told you I had ‘murdered a burger’ last night? In using that phrase, I don’t think I am condoning the act of murder, nor am I trivialising it. Why is it different with the word frape?

      1. Friday

        Well firstly, you don’t have murder victims walking around hearing about you murdering a burger, being triggered by it…and secondly, according to the SAVI report 42pc of women in Ireland have been victims of rape and/or sexual abuse. If you have a 4 in 10 chance of triggering someone’s PTSD with a word, wouldn’t you find a better word?

          1. Nigel

            They can’t be reprogrammed so that casual, triviaising usage of the word ‘rape’ is suddenly inoffensive, either.

        1. Rob

          Also, horroscopes. I mean, there are cancer survivors everywhere, not to mention the fact that practically all of us have lost a family member or friend to the disease. And then you have to look at the ‘c’ word when you open up a newspaper! Brings on my PTSD!

          Seriously – it’s two words that look alike. Find something else to fret about.

        2. Bebs

          There’s more than one victim in a murder. If you ‘murdered a burger’ in front of someone who had a relative who’d been violently murdered, you’d be as likely to upset them as upsetting someone with frape or rape.

        3. Howard

          Are you seriously suggesting that only those murdered are those affected by murder? And furthermore, that because there is a lower percentage of people affected by murder that they do not warrant the same concern as those who have been sexually assaulted?

      2. Nigel

        Is that a serious, genuine effort to discover why it is that people find trivialising usage of that word horrible and offensive, or is that an arch, ironic way to avoid acknowledging that other people might feel emotional pain or discomfort and you either cannot or will not empathise with them?

        1. Howard

          Being completely honest, it’s a little of both. To me, both situations are the same, yet one is socially-accepted by the whole, whilst the other is seen as inexcusable by (what appears to be) the minority. Tell me why the word ‘frape’ is different.

    3. l

      What if you used their computer/phone and inserted it into them while they were asleep? I’m pretty sure that in that case it would be like rape. I don’t know though, so don’t quote me on it. Better look it up.

  2. Fozz

    Serves him right for linking his personal FB account with his work Twitter account all the same. Also, very strange thing to ‘frape’ someone with.

  3. AraWhisht

    “This is something moronic on my part”

    Can you add use of the word ‘frape’ to your list on moronic acts please

  4. VinLieger

    Fraping someones personal facebook is completely different to fraping someones work twitter, dude who did this is a piece of shit

    1. paul

      nah it’s linked to his twitter, the alleged perpetrator didn’t realise this, happens a lot these days.

  5. Scatman John

    It made the Silicon Republic and they’d shown another twitter post that made it fairly obvious that it was someone else posting on that chap’s behalf.

    Something along the lines of having an ar*e like the japanese flag after “a serious dose of d wavin last nite”.

  6. Sidthesexist

    This is what happens when stupidity becomes the norm. Idiots cause destruction all around them but they sleep OK. The rest of us lie awake knowing that idiocy is all too commonplace now.

    1. Tommy

      You like awake at night thinking about people who link their facebook accounts to their twitter accounts?

  7. Murtles

    I thought Frape meant “Facebook Rape” therefore as this was a Tweet should not apply. But is there an alternative word (Twraped/Twittled/Rittered)?

    1. Pedantic Pat

      You are correct, however, this individual has linked their Facebook & their Twitter and what they post on Facebook appears on Twitter.

    2. Jonnymads

      The accounts were linked to each other and this person did not realise this when playing a practical joke by the looks of things. Much ado about nothing.

  8. Paul Moloney

    Any idea if one could sue if someone caused you to lose your job over such a “prank”? MIght put a stop to idiots who think it’s funny.


    1. Frodo Baggins

      I want to know if one can sue for others switching from formal use of “one” to collective use of you in such a willy nilly fashion!!

      So offended!

  9. cluster

    So, semantics aside, do we believe that it was a ‘frape’/’use of someone’s computer without their knowledge’?

  10. Lu

    In fairness if his job included tweeting on behalf of the compnay, and he linked it to a private facebook account he’s a bit of a dope anyway – he should be getting a bit of a going over by his bosses.

  11. markc

    Give the lad a break for god sake, clearly he is having a bad enough Monday as it is, MOVE ON and dont kick him when he is down

  12. Sarah

    I find it sort of ironic that BS makes a big song and dance over Kate Fitzgerald/bullying/suicide and then thought it was ok to post an obvious frape and personal FB account. If this guy loses his job, will ye support him with any mental health issues he has as a result?

  13. Todd Unctious

    Let’s not get caught up in semantics, people. The main issue here is: does a man who uses multiple exclamation marks several times and ‘1000%’ deserve forgiveness?

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