When Is A Termination Not A Termination?


When it’s an early delivery.

Kind of.

You may have heard Pro-Life campaigner Caroline Simons (above) on RTE R1’s ‘Morning Ireland’ earlier speaking to Rachael English.

Caroline Simons: “Our first concern is that all women will be entitled to whatever intervention they need to deal with any complication of their pregnancy as I myself have availed of and is currently the practice in all the maternity hospitals within Ireland.”

Rachael English: “And if that includes a termination then, so be it?”

Simons: “Let’s be really clear, people have different understandings of that particular word, termination. All pregnancies terminate. Mine all terminated with interventions. Two of them were interventions before term in order to deal with the complications of pregnancy. If it involves or needs an early delivery that’s what a woman should have.”


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