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Ellen & Carla – Dreamer

Catherine O’Mahony writes:

Thought you might like this video as I know you support new Irish music. My 15-year-old sister Ellen O’Mahony and her friend Carla Ryan are singer songwriters who play guitar, ukulele and piano. Their latest track “Dreamer” is a wistful love song and is something way beyond what you’d expect from two girls in Transition Year! I’m over in Oz and cried a little when she sent it to me, I have to admit :) Have a look and if you like it, I know they’d really appreciate the help getting their music out there.

22 thoughts on “You May Like This

    1. IDB

      We surely will! The likes of Tom Dunne and Ray D”Arcy will be all over it, along with some overly-patronising interviews.
      But that is some genuine talent, so I hope they can pursue it successfully!

  1. Hank

    Very promising stuff. Push that song girls,it’s got legs. Maybe send this link to radio stations and tv shows.

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