Journalists Are Not Born


“The best journalists are those who leave aside bogus notions of detachment and become protagonists in the things they write about.

“In this course, John Waters will apply his 30 years of experience as an analyst, reporter, columnist, author and protagonist in order to pass on his experience, perspective and approach to a new generation of journalists.


Diploma in Journalism with John Waters, City Colleges

31 thoughts on “Journalists Are Not Born

  1. Joe

    A columnist for the Irish Times and and a serial Eurovision Song Contest entrant. I’m not sure which of those two things I least respect but if pushed I’d have to say Eurovision.

    1. C Sharp

      Last I heard journalists were finding other media through which to ply their wares.

      Some kind of computer to computer thing I hear is a popular one, will never take off though.

  2. Rita cahull

    At least john was the Only Media Who Warned us About the Bogus Children’s Referendum and The Bogus Fiscal Treaty” so Give him some Credit Here were its Due!

    1. VinLieger

      LOL if anything he was the only media who didnt warn us, did you read that last piece of garbage he wrote? It made absolutely no sense and was littered with factual errors intentional or not.
      Also whats With your Random capping of Words?

  3. halcyon days

    I did John Water’s Monorail Drivers course last year and I can attest to its educational value. Did you know mono=one and rail=rail

  4. Hector Ramires

    There’s a price plan there for multiple courses….
    Does this mean,

    Tuesdays: Journalism
    Wednesdays: Eurovision song writing
    Thursdays: General Trolling?

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