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  1. VinLieger

    It may be true of certain people in this country but complaining about that that specific problem to Al Jazeera? Come on who doesnt see the irony

    1. Micko

      Emmm… actually Al Jazeera are a pretty good news station.

      They cover a lot of things other news channels wouldn’t touch

    2. Sidthesexist

      Al Jazeera are not the TV station you think they are.

      The word ‘Al’ before something doesn’t make it all scary and terrorist.

      Read a book.

    3. A.Tomás

      It’s true that Al Jazeera are probably a more trustworthy network than BBC or Sky but I bet this has more to do with making trying to pin some stuff on what they would perceive as “Christian” countries due to the flak “Muslim” countries get from some idiots.

      Because of that, it lowers them in my estimation.

      Since when do they all of a sudden care about abortion in Ireland?

      1. Aidan

        Since abortion in Ireland had an effect on somebody from India, a country in which it broadcasts?

        And in fairness, Qatar to Mumbai is about half the distance of Dublin to New York, yet we covered Hurricane Sandy and the US election in some detail.

        1. A.Tomas

          The whole world covered sandy and most things to do with U.S.

          Also, thousands of women are stoned to death in India each year. The fact that this happened to a woman from a country they broadcast in is hardly the reason.

          I stand by my earlier comment.

          1. Aidan

            Al Jazeera cover women’s issues in India, the below took me about 60 seconds to find. Nothing specifically about stoning but I don’t see any reason they wouldn’t cover it.






            Your earlier statement, “Since when do they all of a sudden care about abortion in Ireland?”, doesn’t hold true, since they obviously cover women’s issues all over the world. The Indian angle makes it local to them.

            Your other statement about this being a Muslim/Christian issue, is also not true, they broadcast into a Muslim centric region but they’re not a mouthpiece for any religion.

      2. cluster

        Like it or not, it is has been a big news story worldwide.

        Surprisingly, to many outsiders, a supposedly modern, high-tech, secular republic still allows its laws be decided by the morality of a discredited Church even though a minority of people actually practice that religion. That is an interesting news story for an international news network.

        There are few complaints here when foreign media give positive write-ups to aspects of Ireland.

    4. cyclecrunk

      you know VinLieger, just because it has an arabic sounding name it does not mean it’s run by fundamentalist Islam terrorists…a concept a bit hard to swallow when you are prejudiced but give it a shot.

    1. Cark

      Really? You need to stop reading the Journal and RTE for your news. Al Jazeera is probably one of the most credible sources for ‘uncovered news’ out there. That, and Vice Mag.

  2. Cúán

    i get the feeling that neither of the previous comments have ever listened to Al Jazeera.

    In the 2000s, the network was praised by the Index on Censorship for circumventing censorship and contributing to the free exchange of information in the Arab world, and by the Webby Awards, who nominated it as one of the five best news web sites, along with BBC News, National Geographic and The Smoking Gun. It was also voted by readers as the fifth most influential global brand behind Apple, Google, Ikea and Starbucks. In 2011 noted Al Jazeera’s coverage of the 2011 Egyptian protests as superior to that of the American news media, while U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton also opined that the network’s news coverage was more informative, and less opinion-driven than American journalism.[5]

  3. Orieldude

    I think it’s about time that dog on the top of the page was given a bone to accurately reflect what Broadsheet has become.

    I, for one, refuse to be lectured to by a man from a country where thousands of women are burned alive a year, on a tv station based in a part of the world where the dominant religion allows women to be stoned to death for the crimes of being raped or falling in love.

    Quite frankly I’m capable of knowing the difference between right and wrong, and knowing what happened here was wrong, without giving a toss what anyone in any other country thinks about Ireland

    1. Micko

      Woooh slow down there man – who says he’s talking about Ireland!

      Look at the statement ‘”They’re more focused on religion than on human life”.

      Possibly taken out of context to cause offence??

      He could have talking about the religious fruitcakes… not the entire country eh?

    2. Nigel

      His wife died. You have to put up with being judged by your inferiors. This must be one of those First World Problems.

    3. Fat Frog

      Ridiculous, racist argument OD. On the basis of what you have put forward we shouldn’t have paid any attention Ghandi, Dr King or Nelson Mandela either…..

    4. cluster

      The point is that you are pointing to the actions of individual religious groups in India rather than the state itself.

      Stoning of women is illegal in India although it still happens.

      Abortion is illegal in Ireland.

      Do you not see the difference in judging the actions of (poor) individuals and those of supposedly secular states?

      1. A.Tomás

        (Incidentally, abortions do happen here).

        You’re right about the fanatics who do that in India, but I was referring to the possible agenda of Al Jazeera in this case.

    5. cluster

      ‘I, for one, refuse to be lectured to by a man from a country where thousands of women are burned alive a year’

      He is a skilled engineer living in and contributing to this country.

      He should shut up about the deat of his wife in an Irish hospital because he is from India?

  4. Cúán

    not sure who is lecturing you, but listening to a man who recently buried his wife about what happened and how to prevent similar tragedies is not in any way insulting to this great land

    1. GH

      If you’ve never heard of Al Jazeera and the excellent reputation they have worldwide, any opinion you have on any subject is surely suspect because you’d obviously be a Sun reader

    2. Orieldude

      My mother is a victim of Michael Neary’s – a man who committed violence against women allegedly due to his personal religious beliefs. My opinion on how similar scandals could be prevented is worthless.

      1. Fat Frog

        Michael Neary’s crimes came to light because some brave people spoke out, in the process taking on a corrupt and self-protective system. It is called advocacy. You should try it.

  5. Sidthesexist

    I knew that once this went international, some of those were jumping up and down with indignation would then start to become all jingoistic and critical of foddiners telling us how to live.

  6. Ahjayzis

    Ahhhh Al Jazeera. How typical, trying to deflect the western moral opprobrium to Ireland to protect their new radical islamic cleric news anchor I’ll bet.

    David Frost.

  7. Definition

    Go for it. I am sure then the racist quoter’s heads above will explode, and that is a good thing.

  8. cluster

    Praveen is doing us a great favour by continuing to advocate and refusing to be quietened. I am full of admiration for him.

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