8 thoughts on “New A&F Store?

  1. Liam

    From the Hugh Lane facebook:

    It is a reproduction of ‘My Paradise is Now’ by Martin and Hobbs, which is included in the exhibition ‘Into the Light’ which is open from tomorrow until 24 February 2013.

    1. P. B

      Yes, it’s part of the Arts Council’s 60th Anniversary series of exhibitions called ‘Into the Light’. At it last night, pretty good.

    1. Tickle

      Please don’t. It was a disgraceful use of the male body for pure marketing reasons.
      He had a brain too you know.

  2. lolly

    That is the very talented Fergus Martin in the pic which was taken by Anthony Hobbs. Fergus has had many sculpture and painting exhibitions and is a member of the RHA. and one piece you all know is the large metal circular twists over the entrance gates to IMMA. Anthony Hobbs is well known in his own right (he is head of dept. in NCAD) and they have collaborated in the past. both are gents.

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