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Marton Gyongyosi.

Did you sit next to him in Pol. Sci?

A Hungarian far-right politician urged the government to draw up lists of Jews who pose a “national security risk”, stirring outrage among Jewish leaders who saw echoes of fascist policies that led to the Holocaust.
…He graduated with a degree in business and political science from Trinity College in Dublin in 2000. He worked for four years at the Dublin office of KPMG, then returned to Budapest in 2005.

Anger As Hungary Far-Right Leader Demands lists of Jews (EuroNews)

35 thoughts on “TCD Reunion Latest

  1. Zackersetu

    Wow …. speechless. Pretty effed up!! (not re Trinity, University = melting pot, about the fact that he hasn’t just been arrested for hate speech),

      1. Ahjayzis

        If I suggest the families and close acquaintances of those who ask questions to which they know the answer should be interrogated as to the potential trollism of the questioner – that’s hate speech as it makes a group of uninvolved people a target for crimes they didn’t commit.

  2. Advertising On Police Cars

    What part of “Far Right ” did you not get? Yes he is a morlock but why the surpise? His polical slant is clearly stated. Hungary stuck in the 1930s/40s its seems.

    1. Sophie

      Considering the recent debates around the right to medical terminations, I hardly think we’re in a position to accuse others of being stuck in the past.

  3. bleuh?

    Stayed in the same place as him during college, went on the piss a couple of times with him (as part of a larger group).
    Strangely enough he seemed to be a decent guy if a little tightly wound. Don’t remember discussing politics with him but I do remember he wasn’t exactly the biggest European union fan.
    I do remember that some other lads would have nothing to do with him, saying he was a fascist loon though.

  4. woesinger

    I have a horrible feeling I may have shared a house with this guy.

    Didn’t seem like the type at the time, though the collection of German WWII paraphernalia may have been a give-away.

    “Nothing from the Allies then?”
    “No, no! That sort of thing wouldn’t interest me at all.”

  5. Anon

    ok how about we draw up lists of ALL the people who pose national security lists, if we do that can we then organise them by religious creed without your righteous indignation? :rolleyes:

  6. shitferbrains

    He’s not actually anti- semitic; he’s more anti-Zionist really , like Golden Dawn in Greece and
    Svoboda in Ukraine. Nothing to worry about.

  7. Sido

    I think there may be a lot of closet anti-semitism in middle Europe that we don’t fully understand.
    A couple of years ago I remember being shocked when an exceedingly pleasant old Austrian lady I know, expressed horror that one of her relatives was in a relationship with a Jewish person.

    1. Iwerzon

      I could have taken a Martian or even an English girl home but my Granny would have fainted at the though of a Protestant darkening her door.

    1. Sido

      Go on then – please try to enlighten us? – Though you should try and make it brief in case you get censored.

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