17 thoughts on “The Hellavator

    1. Laza

      This is hilarious. Mean…. Very very Mean. But definitely hilarious. I would be huddled in the corner gripping my heart and hoping not to wee myself before the little kid gets me.

    1. John Joe Brethren

      They basically screamed, or said “Meu Deus!” (My God). The woman said stuff like “setimo andar” (seventh floor) or “só me acompanhar” (just come with me ).

  1. Helen

    OMG that made me type OMG and i never type it, haha.. Jesus that was hillerious, I would have absolutely pissed myself, i mean complete and utter panic! I would like to have said i would have smacked her one, but i would have been too busy throwing up in the corner!!!!

  2. Quint

    Scare Tactics, which was shown on US TV, was a LOT worse. The victims thought they were about to die or be murdered. Check it out on Youtube.

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