Hailo Moustache Finalists


A) ‘Tony’.

Nominated by: Trish O’Keefe.

The judges say: “No-nonsense, tense-bristled yet warm. A ‘fixie’ for the face.”

“A mo you could take home to mother.”

“The suitcase must go.”

B) Robbie Lambe

Nominated by: himself

The judges say: “Old-school mo porn with a damn hipster twist.”

“If moustaches could wink.”

“A lethal blend of supreme confidence and 1970s photo-booth curtains.”

C) Daniel Doran.

Nominated by: himself:

The Judges say: “We’re getting ginger Hitler. In a good way.”

“Love what he’s doing with the lower cheek.”

“Once: The Architect Years.”

D) Michael Monahan

Nominated by: himself

The judge say: “The pre-irony ‘patchy Zapata’. Timeless”

“A mouth framed by bristling quotation marks. Perfect for the satchel-eyed ‘mo’-ning after.

Thanks all.

You’ve seen the photos, you’ve read what the judges have had to say.

Now YOU decide.

One of these men will walk away with a night’s stay – TOMORROW NIGHT – at the Gibson Hotel, Dublin, a pair  – yes a PAIR – of tickets to the Movember Gala Parté – yes, Parté – in Dublin’s Village venue and free taxis throughout the evening  with Hailo Dublin Taxi App.

Pick a moustache (A-D) and a brief reason why below.

Lines close at 11am 1pm.



51 thoughts on “Hailo Moustache Finalists

  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    A – because he needs the taxi to get to the ferry port, with that heavy case.

    1. Mister Mister

      Yip, Mr Doran must be excluded from this competition, no moustache to be seen there. Sigh, it must be the first rule in growing a mo, it can’t meet.

  2. Murtles

    B) A hardcore Mo that was grown specifically for Movember (this guy couldn’t handle a Mo all year round as that level of coolness could not be sustained).

    Agree with Odradek above, Mo’s should meet in the middle of your chin, A & C you are disqualified.

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        Tony (A) doesn’t have a bona fide beard, it is just a few days of not shaving….you can see he has fallen on hard times.

  3. Rufty

    (C) is a goatee beard – disqualified!

    (B) is full of epic win. Full marks to you son! Give that boy a prize!!!

  4. Simon

    These are terrible finalists. Is that the best you could find. (C) is a goatie no not even a valid entry. (B) is the least poor of them.

    1. rayray

      Simon heaves another sigh of disappointment at the poor effort made by people to give money to charity. Sure, they’re helping fund prostate cancer research, but they’d totally ruined his morning with their paltry moustaches. When would Broadsheet stop forcing him to look at things when he detests life and everything in it? GOD. Wearily, he takes another sip of instant coffee and clicks on the most recent post, knowing already that it will make him despair.

  5. Cionnaith

    Robbie Lamb, fabulous and encapsulates the true spirit of the moustache. daniel doran just has a beard, i hope he doesnt have people sponsoring him

  6. thatsnotamareseedeasebends

    (A) because he has put in the effort of growing matching sideburns. Well done Larry!
    Not (D) but it was a close call. Hard luck. This was probably your best chance to win anything this year ;( now go back to bed, you know you want to…
    Not (C) because obviously it is Movember NOT Govember. Dope!
    …and then we were left with (B). Where does one start? I’m sure others have and will put it better but it just looks so wrong, no? Maybe that should be a case for winning, I don’t know? However, he does look like he is pulling up his pants in the photo added to the grin like you know, that cat that got the cream or maybe he was after spilling his cream? Bit creepy. And the clincher… he took a friggin photo of his face pulling a look only lads can do in front of a mirror! You all know what I mean. Who hasn’t pulled that face in the mirror… or been caught by your partner doin it? You don’t know why you do it but you do anyway, knowing full well you look like a major dorky dweeby dope doin it. Seriously sham, you don’t commit that pose into a photo. I rest my case mo’lord.

  7. Sidewinder

    Clearly the damn hipster wins. C is a beard and is disqualified. A isn’t bad but should be keeping up with the stubble a bit better.

  8. Ciara

    B, without a doubt. He has embraced the Mo ethos. A very distinctive mo.
    @Broadsheet, why no handlebars, the options lack variety?

  9. Stephen Head McConnell

    First of all. (D) is me. I never submitted any pictures of myself and heard of this through a friend. Check my official Movember page, my facebook or Twitter for proof of who I am.

  10. Jay

    B) Robbie Lambe

    The others are … not taches. Very poor attempts actually but B. Tell C thats a beard/goatie, not a tache.

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