55 thoughts on “Shop In Trim

  1. vanman99

    i bet the Trim shopkeepers are delighted with the marketing campaign, it’s so bad it’s good…genius…

  2. Elsie

    Frighteningly unimaginative, so pessimistic! A few local kids in santa hats with colorful signs they made in school and this could have been done a lot better and at no expense.

  3. cath

    Austerity morketing – brilliant. But why would they stand beside a parking ticket machine?! “Shop in Grim but make sure you pay for parking first!”

  4. Brian S

    This was taken just before minister Hayes arrived for a photo in front of the castle to promote winter opening of opw sites. It was like a blue shirt party meeting. Grim is the right word. But in fairness, the local shops need the business and the help,there are some great shops and some not so great,but it’s the same all around Ireland. At least there’s something trying to be done,but I’m the first to say it is being badly done!

  5. johnner

    There’s a “politician look” isn’t there? They look so far removed from the average person. They are just passed on from one generation to the next. We should stop voting for them really/??

  6. Brian S

    None of them are politicians. Just very very blue shirts! This really is an example of when trying to do something good for local community and business just looks embarrassing

  7. Parp

    “Shop in Trim”

    I gather from that they want you to shop in Trim. So they made their point perfectly clear. What’s the problem?

    Should they have wasted a few hundred quid on an expensive marketing campaign (that would not have made it on to a site such as this)?

    1. Baby Jesus

      I’ve no problem with the councillors and, God love them, they did their best.

      It’s a bit like when the council workers used to fill in potholes on the roads, it took one of them an hour messing around with fonts on the PC while the other three looking on.

    2. Yuphrum

      Theres trying to save money on a marketing campaign and then there’s ‘this’

      Junior infants could be more imaginative than that

  8. Spaghetti Hoop

    The more I look at Councillor Bligh on the left the more I believe it must be Peter Kaye’s latest TV character.

  9. Roomiccube

    Ah, the good ol’ town parking ticket machine, the central gathering point of Trim, where many a folk have had such a wonderful time.

  10. Kolmo

    Tasteful font, a nice plain san-serif, a marrietta of the font world, portraying the utilitarian but at the same time non-commital in it’s simplicity, and bijoux papelettes firmly within the grasp of the everyman, setting the scene beside the painterly metre du emparquetting. can someone give me a job in Morkeshing?

    1. greypalm

      By the looks of it, I think it might be Myriad Pro they’re using.

      I believe Apple use it quite often in their products. A very elegant typeface, used to great effect here.

      Of course, Trim would know this. They’re very style-conscious.

    2. Sidthesexist

      “can someone give me a job in Morkeshing?”

      Design you mean.

      Marketing people don’t know a fizz about design. It’s an annoying hindrance to their self proclaiming.

      1. Kolmo

        Yes, I just pulled all that waffle out of hoop, which, by definition, makes me an ideal regional morkeshing assistant-executive

  11. Yuphrum

    I’m guessing they didnt have enough money for another sheet of paper, one that would have read “Please, we desperately need the money”

  12. Klarticus

    Just think of the signs they could’ve made If they’d voted Sinn Fein – they’d have had access to colour printers and everything

  13. TRIM MAN

    If they did nothing you would moan. If they spent a small fortune marketing the town you would moan. They do this and you moan.

    No satisfying some people.

    It does not matter what party people represent as the people of Ireland are detached begrudgers!

    I can only imagine that very few of those making the ‘snide’ comments on here will actually do their Christmas shopping in Trim!!

  14. Slartifartbast

    Now we see councillors in Trim
    Who say the shops aren’t grim
    “We no longer have sawdust,
    and the ass left in August,
    so please spend your money with Jim”

    1. Nobberman

      They just missed out on the Meath Marketing awards two weeks earlier, but competition on the night was stiff with Navan Councillors edging it by ingeniously using ‘Shop In Navan’ in italics on colour paper.

      1. Slartifartbast

        Well, in the face of such competition, what chance did Trim stand? A valiant effort though, and all credit must go to the worthy burghers of Trim for their time-and-money-no-object, no-effort-spared attempt to put Trim on the map once and for all.

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