The Aer Lingus Ibiza Party Plane




Also: crikey.

Not to mention: one MORE choon.

Chewy writes:

You lot might like this. My Ibiza flight from Dublin in high summer.

87 thoughts on “The Aer Lingus Ibiza Party Plane

  1. Daithi

    Any chance they stayed in Ibiza? Any chance….?

    Slow moving packs of Spanish teenagers on Grafton Street for this shower of derelicts? That’s not a fair swap.

    1. alex uhlemann

      F*ckin hate that!!! What are you applauding for???? They’re supposed to land the f*ckin plane. Would you boo if it crashed???

    1. Daithi

      True. They don’t look like the type of souls with an thorough and functioning understanding of advanced aviation.

      ‘Plane go up…plane go down…’

  2. chewerson

    They were actually a nice group. Boisterous and very excited about the trip but friendly and inclusive. Apparently the same flight the following week had 12 arrested off it.

    1. Tom Joad

      Really? They look like people having overexuberant but ultimately harmless fun. The fella taking his top off overdoes it a bit and could have shown more respect to the air hostess, but as I say it’s a bit of overexuberance.

      You, on the other hand, sound like an embittered crank.

  3. padmundo

    That’s pretty standard for a flight to Ibiza in the height of the summer… pretty tame compared to what I’ve sat through even. Shite music choice…

  4. Dave

    I’m sorry I didn’t think to record the teenagers doing the same thing on our Mallorca Aer Lingus flight in August. Except we had a toddler and none of them gave a shit.

      1. Dave

        Except my youngfella wasn’t shouting, drinking and bouncing around from row to row. He was terrified the entire team despite the considerable efforts of the cabin crew (who continued to sell alcohol to these kids, I should add).

  5. BSC

    Eh no one obviously remembers the back of the plane parties to every shitty sun destination in the late 90’s. Bit of craic

  6. Le Catch


    I was on that flight this summer (or a very similar one). I was up the front and asleep so heard none of it but my mates were near the back and filled me in. Cess pool of humanity.

    They were all on the same flight on the way back a week later looking half dead. All but one of them that got caught with 5 pills in his pocket by airport security.

  7. Micko

    Tis very annoying alright but sure that’s the pack mentality for ya.

    We’ve all done something similar – not really a big deal

    “There’s loads of us – so we can do what we like – Yay!!”

  8. Marty

    I was lucky enough to snag a seat on a charter flight to Italy sometime in 80s. It had club 18 – 30 (or whatever it was called) down the back and I was seated with a large group of religious freaks who were off on some pilgrimage. The pilgrim leader decided his group should say a few decades of the rosary and stood in the aisle to start them off. He was only half way through the first decade when a champagne cork shot forward and bounced off his head.

    I think I might have had a little wee trying to suppress the laughter.

    1. John Cassidy

      I love it. I’m an atheist but find myself becoming increasingly hostile to religious freaks. Practise you religion by all means (even though it’s stupid and nonsensical) but there is a time and a place. Don’t think I would have been able to supress the laughter.

      1. jack

        I guess you’ve never been on a flight to Turkey where a lot of muslims get down in the aisles and start praying to allah at certains times of the day.

  9. Mothsman

    Generally the Irish are not as Rowdy like that than our UK cousins, so Im sure they were great craic and offered to get a round in for the whole plane like.

    1. cluster

      I disagree with you both. I think the UK equivalents are still a bit worse but we are catching up quick.

        1. thatsnotamareseedeasebends

          Ya bollix ya! I still can’t get that sound out ah me head :(
          Great punning though, to be fair an’ all

  10. No more please

    Don’t worry, they will all grow up to be respectable Bankers, Politicians and Builders……

  11. Lucyloo

    “You lot might like this. My Ibiza flight from Dublin in high summer.”

    Why? Why would we like this??? So glad I wasn’t on that plane. Should’ve diverted it and kicked the lot of them off.

  12. MissWorld

    Hey, isn’t Chewy that ageing hipster I see cycling around town on his fixie bike? He’s so dreamy.

  13. Munkifisht

    The effects producing programs like Geordie Shore, glorifying binge drinking, acting like a twat, and doing your best to pick up an STD. Fingers crossed for a fresh outbreak of Spanish Flu in Ibiza.

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