16 thoughts on “Ahhh Heyyyorrr

    1. The Bennex

      As a country that wrote the manual on welfare tourism, I think we should be less ready to criticise.

          1. Kath

            And a bit more heeyarh.

            Well done, lads, we can close the thread now.

            On a somewhat unrelated note…has anyone ever tried to contact BS through the website? Message stating:

            “Anyone wishing to leave racist, sexist, homophobic or obviously libellous comments may we suggest Boards.ie
            *(denotes required field)”

            Brilliant & reminds me of the Cha-Cha Lounge in Seattle which had a notice outside asking Racist, Sexist and/or Homophobic patrons to please stay out.

      1. cluster

        We should be able to dismiss braindead racism without having to slag off ourselves. How exactly did the Irish, write ‘the manual on welfare tourism’?

        1. The Bennex

          By having a long and distinguished history of a *certain percentage* of emigrants going to other people’s countries and availing of social welfare rather than working.

  1. Gickerface

    Thanks for the thread! I was trying to explain to my non-irish friends some examples of Irish casual racism. The way we’ve married our passive aggression with xenophobia and cultural ignorance. This will do nicely as an example.

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