Classic Planning


A shopping centre built at a cost of over €20m, with 450-space multistorey car park, 16 vacant shops and one rented, seven offices, and a restaurant space, is for sale for €950,000.

Charleville Town Centre was built on land bought in 2006 for €4m, and opened in 2008. The town’s population is less than 4,000.


€950k shop (Irish Examiner)

Charleville Town Centre (

21 thoughts on “Classic Planning

  1. Blobster

    I pass through Charleville but have never seen or heard of this! I think Charleville also has a massive hotel in its outskirts/suburbs.

    1. dan

      It’s not on the main road through. Only have been there twice, I think, but all I remember is a Dunnes Stores and lots of empty spaces.

      The hotel has been in Charleville for about 20 years if I remember correctly. Haven’t head anything about it being in trouble.

      1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

        Blobster, you must have your eyes closed when you pass through! The hotel has been there much longer than 20 years. I knew it as the Deerpark. It’s not really on the outskirts either, it’s at the end of the town. The shopping centre mentioned here is slap bang in the middle of the main street. It is one of the few developments that is complimentary to the surrounding area.

        1. Mr M

          That’s all correct.

          The hotel is at the Limerick Road side of the town. It was originally the deerpark Hotel but wasn’t up to much. Then it was bought, demolished and new build started but it ran into major trouble and halted. It was just a building site for years. Then it was restarted and went well for a while and called The Park Hotel but now is operating under receivership.

          The Dunnes Complex cannot really be seen from the Main Street as it is at back of the street. They bought a pub and knocked it through so as people could approach from the street.

  2. cyclecrunk

    like the lovely CHQ at the IFSC, ghostly music reverberating in the empty units…entrepreneurs chutzpah + civil servants kickbacks = tadaaaa

  3. KeithFahey's moustache.

    Sure the cheese that bears the name of the town does not even come from here, it is made in the UK

    1. Mr M

      YEAH that is a major kick in the ar53. I was reared in Charleville before the Celtic Cat and the derioration of the Golden Vale cheese factory that employed 75% of the people is a disgrace. Then the new MD at the time purposely made sure that anyone fom the town would not be employed there and took on anyone else!

    1. bobtastic

      The planners should have been fired, however alas they probably got promoted, a nice payrise every year since then and are looking forward to a fat pension and lump sum on retirement if they havnt done so already with an even nicer lump sum.

  4. illuminati16

    the planner recommended downsizing or refusal at the time as i recall, Councillors overruled the planner

        1. Mr M

          It was Madonnas, The Roxy Room,Club 20 etc etc.

          The alley was always a great spot to ‘shift a beour’ on the way home.

          1. roisin

            And now Kennedy/Charleville Arms is rotting away in the middle of the town. Used to be busy in Charleville on weekdays. Now it’s dead- not as bad as Buttevant or Mallow tho yet.

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