Four People. No Direct Hit


Pretty hen-believable, to be fair.

Eggs Thrown At Taoiseach Enda Kenny During UCD Student Centre Official Opening (UCD College Tribune)

Three eggs came from the UCD Book Depository, witnesses claim.

Top pic: UCD College Tribune

16 thoughts on “Four People. No Direct Hit

  1. Paul Reilly

    Think it’s the auld College Tribune website there. Wouldn’t want to start up the idea of the UCD – TCD merger again!

    1. GarPrivate

      I’m going to take a wild guess and say it’s so students can broadcast radio….?

      I hope that answer has satisfied you in some way. I got the feeling there was a strange urgency to your question.

  2. DonBosco

    My favourite bit was when Inda couldn’t open the curtain. We were all egging him on.. But to no avail.

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