Hailo Moustache Winner


In yesterday’s Hailo/Moustache challenge, everyone here in Karl’s den the office had ruled in favour of Tony and his sturdy handlebars.

But it was YOUR vote that counted.

Therefore, Robbie Lambe’s devil-may-care mo (above) has won him and a ‘friend’ a night’s stay at the Gibson Hotel, Dublin – TONIGHT – and tickets to the Movember Gala Parté in Dublin’s Village venue AND free taxis throughout the evening with Hailo, the Dublin Taxi App.

Thanks all.

Donate: Movember.ie

Robbie’s MoSpace

9 thoughts on “Hailo Moustache Winner

    1. Orlaith

      I think you could have gotten a part in ‘There’s something about Mary’ Well done on ur win – enjoy your prize

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