32 thoughts on “Harcourt Street, Dublin, Right NOW

      1. Mick Flavin

        Jesus, relax would you…Stick on a bit of “Galway Girl” or “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” and soothe the more savage aspects of your rustic nature…

      2. Bobby

        ‘only place in dublin thats a bit of craic and not much scum about coincidence??’

        Nothing like a bit of cliché, brain-dead, typical conservative Irish classist comments to set the mood..

        Just please die.

  1. Ciaran

    “We’re bringing a new nightclub experience to a Dublin scene in need of something different.
    ……Our music policy caters for everyone, from chart hits to electro-house and from RnB and all the old favourites.”

    not really that different if they’re playing the same pop chart rubbish as almost every other nightclub around….

  2. Seanski

    team behind this are currently taking over dublin one street at a time.. 8 bars/clubs/venues opened in 2 years… celtic whatnow?

  3. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Conor ‘Bucko’ Buckley seems to be running it. Didn’t he used to run Bondi Beach Club? Shudder.

    Oh well, another nightclub that I have no intention of ever going to. Although I’m sure I said that about Krystle too, and I think I was probably there two or three times too many.

    1. Seanski

      he’s not managing the bar, marketing or pr.. . just hosting and pulling some of his old krystle buddies in the door.

  4. Ruairi Keogh

    Just to let you know what’s going on at 33 Harcourt Street – Opening next week, Everleigh Garden is 70% Outdoor, 30% Indoor, 100% Friendly with an open and welcoming door policy. It’s designed to emulate a Mediterranean garden in a heated comfortable oasis in the city centre and will bring something very different to the Dublin nightlife scene. Check out http://www.facebook.com/everleighgarden for information, competitions and Everleigh Garden love.

    1. TheCitizen

      Thanks Ruairi. Nice picture by the way, send us another one closer to launch date to remind us will you.

      Cheers fella – bullseye.

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