37 thoughts on “In The Window Of Bewley’s, Grafton Street, Dublin, Right NOW

      1. Mister Mister

        Ah the Switzer windows, trips were made into town especially to see with Switzer Christmas window.

        Now BT is just a tight brown turd of misery with their poncy window displays.

  1. jon

    You spelled Grattan St. wrong. I wonder will this appear in the typos section of the Irish Times? I really miss all the typos on sandwich board posts.

      1. jon

        The headline originally read ‘Graton Street’. Looks like like one of those UCD eggs missed our dear leader and hit me in the face

  2. Continuity Jay-Z

    Well one of them lads is Christy Dignam. I don’t really know what the rest of Aslan look like. Yer wan on the bed…. Is it one of the Seoige’s?

  3. mickmick

    Someone from Brown Thomas should go and take a look at Printemps in Paris to see what a real christmas display looks like. This is just disturbing

  4. maro

    I think it’s absolutely brilliant! I passed it earlier but I couldn’t see yer wan because of all the people crowding around, gaping at it slack-jawed! Hilarious stuff! Still not as creepy as Tubridy on the Toy Show though.

  5. Prunty

    If I’m right and that’s Julian Assange bottom right, that lady’s about to experience a wikileak.

  6. Bleh

    Well there’s an unconscious wan, some terrifying dwarves, and an apple with a bite out of it. Is that Christmassy?

  7. Helen

    this is the worst xmas display i have ever seen, if i brought my son past that he wouldnt sleep for weeks and neither would i!!

  8. Tommy Swinburne

    It’s good, not christmassy but wortha look, there’s a mirror on the wall showing loads of peoples faces

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