20 thoughts on “STOP!

  1. KeithFahey's moustache.

    replaced her husband unelected to Dublin city Council, replaces De Rosa unelected as an MEP.

    Why would I listen to her again?

  2. Drogg

    Does she realise we are in economic turmoil and need our MEP’s to be discussing getting us a better deal in Europe. I hate politics in this country

    1. cluster

      I am not sure what her policy position is here (I don’t listen to Spin 103.8) but the rest of life can’t just grind to a halt just because the economy is struggling.

      I have a feelign she isn’t going to be makign a huge contribution to economic affaris one way or the other.

  3. CousinJack

    I know Emer, most of the stuff on RTE after 9 o’clock is rubbish isn’t it, not worth the licence fee.
    So now I just look at ladies on de interweb, no fee for that.

  4. cluster

    I’m surprised more politicians aren’t joining her. They should be very comfortable with spin. Wahey!

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