The Blither-Blathering


“Contrary to the views of the cynics and some who like to sneer, there really is absolutely huge enthusiasm for The Gathering among those overseas, particularly of Irish heritage.”

Varadkar Defends The Gathering (Irish Times)

Meanwhile, create your own coat of charms.

No, really:

The Gathering (DiscoverIreland)

35 thoughts on “The Blither-Blathering

  1. Jimbo

    I don’t know how many people actually know that the person charged with organising this piss up is on €168k a year? An absolute joke of a thing and Gabriel Byrne is 100% correct.

    1. Hector Ramires

      Not only is the leader of the gathering on 100k plus, conveniently he’s a former Fg party chief, Handy eh? Imagine the luck of it, when you need someone to run these things, tender and go through the trouble of trying to find the right calibre person, and they’re right under your nose all the time….

  2. religionkillspeople

    i hate to burst your bubble there big guy but there isnt. No enthusiasm. Its a pile of shite.

  3. Quint

    Destroy the Gathering!!! Destroy it!! Destroy it now, before it’s even started!!!! It’s getting in the way of our collective self-loathing! Kill it! Is it gone????

    1. Bacchus

      It’s got NOTHING to do with self loathing and a lot to do with self respect. Of course you’re fully entitled to speak yourself.

    2. anvil

      Yes, indeed, an excellent summation.
      Ireland wallows in the unflushed toilet of European financial basket cases, our reputation abroad is one of being feckless,whingeing drunks.
      And an attempt to raise much needed finance with one of the few things Ireland does well – tourism – and the usual cretinous half-wits are begrudging the project before it has even got off the ground.
      The Gathering will be THE success story of 2013.

      1. Hector Ramires

        ‘And an attempt to raise much needed finance’

        what a ridiculous statement, everyone knows the much needed finance is coming from all the high tech jobs coming here as promised by Enda Kenny….


        We could have a glorified, charity night!

  4. mark

    All I can see this toss doing is pushing up airline prices for actual natives wanting to come home during this period, and knowing our relatives tax money went to making Ireland look like one big crap corporate marketing event run by a temp. Well we sold ourselves to the banks, why not to the rest of the world?

  5. John Joe Brethren

    I’m abroad. I’m Irish. I HAVE NO INTEREST.
    So who the hell is Varadkar referring to? Not folks like me, that’s for sure.

    1. Murkan

      me too. they forgot to ask us if we gave a shite about returning to a place with terrible weather and unfeasibly priced cups of tea.

    2. cluster

      Pretty sure he didn’t refer to enthusiasm amongst every single Irish person abroad. A sample size of one number Kohn Joe Brethren is not exactly significant.

      1. John Joe Brethren

        That’s true. But judging from the many gripes from all types of Irish both in ireland and abroad, I’m guessing the negative opinions do start to conform to a normal distribution.

  6. Downtown Train

    Presumably among those abroad who will be trying to make a buck off it. The best of the luck of the Irish to them.

  7. Tickle

    I hate to say it but I heard John McGurk? on Newstalk one Saturday morning being asked about this.

    He recanted a story about how he or someone he knew was involved in making a very in-depth and “high class” DVD about Ireland and it’s greatness. Top notch stuff.

    It was great and actually got placed in Disney stores. In the front wondows etc, On some “Grafton street” type locations.

    It sold arse all. Nothing. Even though they had high hopes for it.

    His point was that there was no magical Oirishness in the US. Just people wanting to align themselves with some history, just like the Italians etc did.

    I’m probably not making the point very well. But I thought it was good at the time.

    1. Tickle

      Arse.. I meant to say they thought they would make a fortune in the USA and that’s where they tried to sell it in Disney stores….

  8. Blind Warrior

    Not only do I not have any interest in “The Gathering”, I’m hoping that in 2013 I do not have a genuine need to visit Ireland as it would sicken me to think I had become part of this grotesque affair.

  9. Donal

    They tried this in Scotland in 2009 and called it Homecoming it failed to ignite the imagination of the country somewhat like is what happening in Ireland now. It was a waste of time and money and this is money that Ireland can ill afford to waste.

    Granted it may be good for tourism but the outlay will not be recouped and at the end of the year it will be announced that the Country lost money on the white elephant that is The Gathering

  10. What Goes Up...

    I think Leo The Sad Car mis-spoke.

    Surely he meant “there really is absolutely huge enthusiasm for The Gathering among those overseas, particularly those of a certain Irish heritage.”

  11. MickInManhattan

    I really don’t miss Irish begrudgery! G.Byrne may have made some valid points but he missed the irony of one of the biggest..OF COURSE the Gathering is about money but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile so long as all the whiners don’t strangle it in it’s crib.
    Newsflash- this gig isn’t aimed the the Clare Carpenter who’s down on his luck in Philadelphia nor the recent Irish graduate who’s waiting table in Sydney due to no jobs at home, it’s for the people around the globe who have the means to experience it & are interested in furthering the broader Irish transnational community.
    C’mon, focus on the broader issues & don’t kill a worthwhile venture just because the kneejerk attitude in IRL is that every single thing the government does “must” be bad.

  12. cluster

    What is with all the f***ing negativity? Ireland is in a hole and whether we like it or not it was largely of our making.

    These politicians are drawn from our number and we voted them in. Yet the discourse here seems to be predicated on some idea that all this is nothing to do with us and anything they try to do should be met with disdain.

  13. Savage Cabbage

    I live in Munich, Germany and apart from accidentally coming across the Facebook page in German I’ve not heard any enthusiasm for it from the Irish community at all.

    I intended to marry in Ireland next year and bring in a couple of hundred international guests. Unfortunately the HSE won’t grant a marriage license because of my finacée’s previous divorce and the fact that she isn’t still living in the US state which granted the divorce.

    Gathering my arse.

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