The Case For Mark


Julie and Mark Marku  on their wedding day in 2009.

Julie writes:

My husband Mark was arrested in Crete, Greece, on September 16, 2010 and has been languishing in prison ever since.

Mark and his younger brother Andreas spent 16 months in pre-trial detention before being convicted, in January 2012, of  being a member of and armed gang that committed seven armed robberies of jewellers in Crete during the summer of 2010. 

Both brothers were sentenced to 18 years in prison. Since the day of my husband’’s arrest, the case against him has been riddled by inconsistencies and just plain illogical accusations that are completely unsupported by any evidence.

Mark’s defence included social welfare records, wage slips, legal affidavits, flight tickets and passport stamps from Ireland, all of which proved irrefutably that he was in Ireland when they said crimes took place.  

The prosecutor claimed the Irish documents were falsified, a claim accepted by the judge without investigation.

The fact that Irish state and legal documents such as social welfare sign-on sheets and legal affidavits can summarily be dismissed as forgeries in a Greek Court of law should excite the interest of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Department of Social Protection. 

We are asking the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs to authenticate the documentation and to strongly express our concerns, as an Irish family, regarding the violation of my husband’s human rights, to the Greek Government and the European Parliament.

More Here: Justice For Mark And Andreas (Julie Marku,ItsAPoliticalWorld)

Justice For Mark and Andreas

Thanks Miriam Cotton and Julie Marku

21 thoughts on “The Case For Mark

    1. Joe

      I’m sure that it’s not just now they are looking for documents to be authenticated, a quick look at the web page tells the story behind this post.

      We need to raise €80,000 to cover Mark’s and Andreas’s legal bills. We have raised €3,200 to date.

      Looking for donations but not strictly asking for it.

      1. Julie Marku

        Hi Joe & D

        We have been campaigning the DOFA since Feb 2012, after the verdict and sentence of my husband.

        We have also been fundraising all year, with Charity auctions and collections, initially we set that target to help towards the mounting legal fees as well as trying to get CCTV footage analysed to prove the men in the footage weren’t my husband and his brother however this has proved unattainable, as we cannot access the entire case file including items from the forensic labs in Greece and would inevitably prove too costly to translate them before any work was done on them.

        To date legal and court fees, and solicitors expenses have exceeded 80,000euro as well as the cost of keeping Mark and Andreas in prison. So unfortunately we have exhausted all means and need to fundraise.

    2. Tickle

      In fairness to them they are only on to broadshet now.

      There is a florists beside the SuperQuinn in Knocklyon that has something to do with them/this. Son in law or something like that? and they have had a big poster in their window for a long time about this.

      Always meant to look it up but kept forgetting.

  1. Just sayin'

    I see the husband is ethnic Albanian. They’ve never been crazy about them in Greece. Are they contending the brother is totally innocent too?

    1. Julie Marku

      Hi Just saying

      Yes Andreas is not guilty of any of the charges against him also. We do not go into detail on the site about his defense as he is defended by a different lawyer. He defense is very different to Mark’s as he was in Greece during the period. I do not deal with his lawyer so I don’t have the details or documents to back up any claims on his behalf. However, according to Mark’s defence lawyers, there isn’t a single shred of evidence against Andreas to link him to these crimes aside from inconsistent, illogical eye-witness identifications of masked raiders.

  2. Just sayin'


    “Mark was bringing his brother Andreas to the hospital in Heraklion on Thursday 16th September 2010, they gave a lift to a person known to them, and found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    All three were arrested along with two others at the hospital, two more men were arrested later, and another brother of Mark’s was arrested in the police station the next day, while he was there trying to find out what was happening to his brothers. In total there were 8 Albanian men arrested over the course of two days.”

    Very unfortunate. So, are they all innocent?

  3. Huzzar

    OMG is he still in prison? I remember signing a petition about this aeons ago. I don’t think he was even in the country when the crime he was convicted of was committed.

  4. Bob

    This needs to be looked at by DOFA. The State needs to authenticate those documents that were claimed by the prosecution to be forged sending this man to prison.

  5. tjjp

    No disrespect intended to you and Mark in these difficult circumstances, but is he the holder of an Irish Passport? If not, how are the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs supposed to intervene on his behalf? If it is the case that he is a non-national the DOFA’s options are rather limited (have you looked into addressing that?). As it appears to stand, the DOFA’s ability to intervene in another sovereign jurisdictions legal processes on behalf of a non-EU national are severely limited (but I’m sure they’ve told you that). Should Albania’s formal application (2009) for EU membership proceed the situation might improve. Have you thought to knock on Deputy Sean Barrett’s door?

    1. Julie Marku

      No he doesn’t have an Irish Passport only permanent residency.

      We have not requested the DFAT to intervene in a judicial matter before another jurisdiction, we have asked them to help us authenticate the documentation that proved he was in Ireland not in Greece. Almost all of my husband’s defence was presented using Irish state and legal documents. The courts attempt at defaming these documents, claiming everything was forgeries, give the Irish DFAT every right to question this action, and for them to raise the concerns of Irish Citizens, me and my family who are also suffering this nightmare, with their Greek counterparts.

      Mark’s nationality isn’t or shouldn’t be the issue. The documents are Irish, the concerns being raised are from an Irish family, that’s it… Albania’s status within Europe shouldn’t be an issue either, this violation of my families rights in happening in an EU country Greece, who is a signatory of the European convention on Human rights which affords every human being, regardless of their nationality, within the member states the same basic human rights.

      I have a letter for the Vice president of the EU Commission in which she confirms the actions of Greece are outside of EU law and that the national authorities need to step in.

      Both the Irish and Greek authorities are choosing to ignore this.

      Sorry if this is blunt, I read Randalls comments posted after your, before reply and my whole body is shaking

  6. Randall

    Move on Julie, I’d say you’ve side stepped a life time of hassle there. Take it as a get out of jail free card, no pun intended.

    Doesnt he look like Pete Doherty though.

      1. natalie webb

        dont take any notice of randalls comment julie cant believe someone could be so heartless when you are going through such a tough time

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