What Was This?


And where?

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Yes, it’s Dublin’s original Custom House, by Thomas Burgh [click to enlarge], on Essex Quay and built in 1707. It was pulled down in 1781 as ‘unsafe’ to make way for Gandon’s version.

33 thoughts on “What Was This?

  1. KeithFahey's moustache.

    Custom House by Thomas Burgh and built in 1707 at ye old Essex Quay and was judged as unsafe just seventy years later.

  2. Diabhal

    Ye olde Priory Hall?
    (Antiquated English phraseology perfect in this case, sure hasn’t Dublin been English since God was a gasúr…)

    1. WTH

      Good point. Has Dublin ever been an Irish speaking city? Between the vikings? and the English? Did the Gaeilge get a look in at all at all…..

      1. woesinger

        Good question – it’s likely the Hiberno-Norse would have spoken Irish in the 11th and 12th centuries before they were turfed out by the Normans into Oxmantown. Even then you’d have to suspect that some of the city’s population would have been bilingual.

        1. Sidthesexist

          Did you think maybe, even for a second, that it might not have been built yet? Not everything you see today was always there.

          1. WTH

            Yes I did, and thats why I told a joke. Did you think maybe, even for a second, that I was joking? (Apologies Sid if you also are being ironic).

      1. WTH

        Seen the council taking a car out of the Tolka yesterday…….that beats a pike in my book. Things have progressed!!

  3. Mad Gang

    Has someone drawn a pair of knockers in biro on the bottom right. Them two little fellas look quite interested.

  4. AttackDonkey

    About 10 ye olde boats, 1 ye olde body of water, 2 ye olde knackers fishing, and a cluster of ye olde buildings.

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