All Previous Animal Cosplay Is Now Irrelevant


Dan Wrexham tweetz:

If you’ve seen a better picture than this picture of a dog dressed as two dogs carrying a present, I don’t believe you.

Thor concurs.


15 thoughts on “All Previous Animal Cosplay Is Now Irrelevant

    1. Frodo Baggins

      Warning for loud music things in websites … it should be banned!

      Funny….but scared the sh*te out of me!

    1. Frodo Baggins

      I’m amazed it was the same day!
      BS is usually a couple of months behind on this kind of thing.

  1. Carbon

    Nice to see you’re on the ball there Broadsheet. I think this surfaced on the internet sometime around 1998.

  2. rayray

    Well I for one hadn’t seen this before and it made me smile. Some of you fellas seem to have a severe case of the Mondays. Chin up!

  3. Clampers Outside!

    I love the way reddit users and the boing-boing posse think everyone visits their ‘first for everything’ sites.

    Some of us come here instead of having to go through all the crap on those pages. Get over yourselves.

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