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    1. ABM

      Probably a knight of some order. It’s all about symbolism. Not fashion. But the average uneducated, happy-go-lucky, consumery broadsheet.ie reader can be forgiven for their pig ignorance when they complain about the clergy in “dresses” and the Holy Father in red “Prada” shoes.

      1. realPolithicks

        “probably a knight of some order’ The fact that you could even type that sentence with a straight face, speaks volumes.

        1. Unitedwestand

          He is right though. The cross he’s wearing is a Crusader’s cross. So he’s probably rousing his troops, telling others of his ilk that they are now missionaries. Ireland is the new Levant.

      2. DeSelby

        He’s not a leader then? I thought the leaders of the Knights of thr Ku Klux Klan were called Grand Wizards. He’s probably just a Grand Knight.

        Did you get to burn the crosses at the end?

      3. Arbs

        ABM, I must confess to a little concern on your part. It is unnecessary at this stage to point out the glaring and tragic irony of you accusing others of being “uneducated” and “ignorant”. You are doubtless sure of your own short comings in this regard as you are well aware that socially functional and psychologically healthy individuals don’t really engage in the type of online trolling with which you have a rather febrile fascination. I recommended a course of action to which you have paid no heed. Indeed, it is interesting to note that you were not there to support your kindred spirits (even if many of those attending would have kept you well away from their children). Try and get out of the house and switch off that damn computer as it is doing you no good. Read a book – even if it is a religious tome – it will do you good. LIfe may have presented you with many challenges which perhaps others may not have to surmount but spewing bile and bitterness is certainly not a route to alleviate your current difficulties. Maybe there is someone to whom you can speak. You strike me as deeply troubled and confused individual.

      4. Jeremy Kyle

        No, it’s clearly a dress. It’s symbolic that he’s a transvestite. I think he should be applauded for his bravery.

  1. other david

    “They said the posters would be provided, but nothing about giant crucifixes – I had to lug this all the way from the back arse of beyond, on one of the free buses they put on for us.. it’s an absolute disgrace really – all this money and yet I had to bring my own giant crucifix – this country is going to the dogs.”

  2. Zackersetu

    Nothing says I don’t want people to have the choice because I am a crazy religious nut with a penchant for symbolism, and I harbour a crucifixion S&M type fantasy.

    Gotta say it tho! If he was on X-Factor, he’d be kept in. His rendition of living on a Prayer would be just sacrilicious!!!

  3. Barton Keyes

    “We need to get people on side, let’s brainstorm”

    “um…..giant terrifying crucifix, klanish robes?”

    “everyone good with that?……ok, I’ll order the crucifixes”

    1. Unitedwestand

      ABM is pointing out that most posters here don’t understand what all the symbolism means, that there are messages in what these creeps wear. He’s not supporting it.

      You’d all be herded to your deaths by shiny things.

      Read a f*cking a book once in a while.

      1. Bacchus

        I think we all know exactly what ABM is saying and his unquestioning support for the creeps is obvious.
        Are you recommending The Da Vinci Code?

        1. Unitedwestand

          Try reading about the Cathars in southern France or how the Vatican paid simple farmers to massacre Muslims in Palestine in order to protect their influence in the middle east.

          Read about the reason the Jesuits was set up and how they oppressed and dispossessed popular simple living monks and friars in Ireland.

          The Vatican is the evil they pretend to protect us from.

      2. DeSelby

        I think we’re all perfectly clear what the symbolism is meant to mean, even if it doesn’t tally with our own personal associations.

        Perhaps it is because some of read more widely, (i.e. not just catholic propoganda) that we look at this with amusement/bemusement and horror.

  4. Dublinentendre

    Kiss the ring, kiss the ring….

    Yes, there is a santa claus and anybody who blasphemes against santa or any of his helpers shall die….

  5. mike hunt

    So these Muppets are the reason I’d to get off my bus after an hour just sat at Stephens green

    They really have my support now

    1. ABM

      It’s not as if the “Savita” outrage didn’t cause similar disruption. Were you on the bus listening to George Michael on your stereo then too? Oh no, it’s only when a group that you disagree with exercise their democratic rights that you put on a poo face. BTW: it’s St Stephen’s Green.

      1. Karl

        “Listening to George Michael on your stereo” is hilarious both because it’s something a granny would say and because it’s meant to be a homophobic slur.

      2. BLC

        Sido’s right. ABM is a troll. A good one – putting “Savita” in quotes is an elegant touch – but a troll nonetheless. Things degenerate fast when people feed him.

      3. Kaz

        ‘put on a poo face’? Now that does sound deviant. You must remove the scales form your eyes in order to see the truth, but also remove the poo.

  6. Jack

    People here can make sarcastic comments but the reality is that the crowd numbered around 7,000 at 4.30 in the evening.

        1. du Garbandier

          Ah deSelby, we meet again.
          The beauty of reading a post by you is that it leads one inescapably to the happy conviction that one is not, of all nincompoops, the greatest.

          1. DeSelby

            Obviously I made more of an impression on you than you did to me, as I have no recollection of speaking/commenting with you.

            Thanks for deigning to reply to one of my comments, intelligent as it was. Clearly I am not worthy.

          2. DeSelby

            I have come to the conclusion that you have read little of my work and understood none. It’s my considered view that you are indeed the nincompoop, with your campaign of calumny.

    1. cluster

      Good man, tony tony. You will definitely never see a couple of Catholics protesting about something in Canberra of a Tuesday evening.

    1. Kath

      Ha. I thought the same. Had to put my glasses on as I thought Ricky Gervais had finally gotten him to carry the cross.

      But its not really fair to Karl, is it? He would have looked much more suitably miserable.

  7. Unitedwestand

    The ONLY reason why the Roman Catholic church doesn’t want:

    Same sex marriage

    …is because it makes them irrelevant. It takes their middle man power away and leaves a direct line from the person to their God. That’s essentially what the Reformation was all about.

    The Vatican is a snake oil merchant. It sells fear and controls simple minds. And it makes f*cking billions out of it all over the world. In fact most of the priests are duped by it too.

    Believe in God if you want but don’t use a middle man to interpret your faith for you.

    1. Blobster

      The church is pigeon-holed and pigeon holes itself into being sees as existing just to be against stuff. That’s not the truth of it. The issues you listed above are important social and moral issues but they are actually on the sidelines on what the RCC is about.

      So I disagree with your point that if the argument on all or any of these issues was “lost” then the RCC would be irrelevant.

      The RCC is simply the body of Christ on earth. No amount of social issues (importatant as they may be) are more important than simply speading the message of Jesus Christ (love God and love one another).

      1. Jess

        “simply speading the message of Jesus Christ (love God and love one another)”

        I think someone should remind YD and all the other hate-spewing religious anti-abortion groups about that bit, they seem to have forgotten.

      2. Unitedwestand

        Blobster. The RCC has subverted the message of Christianity.

        The Vatican is entirely unnecessary. It is a middle man with no purpose other than to line his own pockets and revel in his power.

        The obnoxious pomp and ceremony is most certainly not Christian.

        1. John Joe Brethren

          Ah, it’s not entirely unnecessary, they do a fine line in bagels and Pope-y hoodies and bras.

        2. Blobster

          I like the ceremony – you can call it pomp if you like but at its best I would regard it as dignity. If you believe JC is your saviour than it may be reasonable to honour him. Sure, he mightn’t have gone in for some of it himself (he was a humble guy) but it’s not unreasonable to construct fancy rubrics to honour ones God.

      3. Kath

        Perhaps that is what the RCC should be, but isn’t. If it were really dedicated to spreading a message of love it wouldn’t concern itself with hoarding worldly goods and wealth or covering up the systematic abuse of children.

        Do you really think after Jesus’ little tantrum with the money lenders in the Temple that he’d approve of the goings on of the uber-wealthy power hungry RCC? Because everything that’s written about Jesus in the four gospels paints the picture of a pacifist citizen activist who would stand against today’s corrupt church 100%. And everything that the RCC has done since the Council of Nicea on says much more about power than it does about love.

        Jesus – the original hipster (anti-corruption & pro-love for all, before it was cool). I’ll get my coat…

        1. Blobster

          You speak a lot of sense. But JC did found his church on the rock of Peter, a human, and knew how weak and uncertain his first followers were. The RCC is that same church. Flawed and all as it is.

  8. barnch

    “Science doesn’t have all the answers!”

    Said while starting the car and sending a text message, without a trace of irony.

    “There’s scientists that believe in god too!”

    Another favourite.

    Your Catholic creationists have arrived.
    I’d also like to welcome back the latin mass, seen recently in some provincial parishes.

    1. BLC

      Fair points. On the other hand, a lot of the people who are rude and smug about dismissing religious belief in favour of science couldn’t explain how a toaster works. There’s eejits everywhere, and we’re all an eejit about something.

      It’s probably best to be tolerant of the people we disagree with. Some of them are right.

  9. Unitedwestand

    To all you Vatican servants, you traitorous snakes who have strangled the spirit of this country for hundreds of years. To all you Opus Dei, Knights of Columbanus who have infiltrated our governments, civil service, media and business communities, you are traitors. You serve a foreign state instead of your own.

    Traitors to your families, friends, neighbours, fellow citizens. Traitors to your country.

    Liars, cheats, villains.

    1. AdamSmyth

      No they aren’t. They believe in their faith. Fair play to them. I’d do the same if I felt the same way.

    2. ABM

      “Traitor” for having faith? God always comes first.

      – God
      – family
      – community
      – country

      In that order.

      1. Unitedwestand

        No ABM. You know exactly what I mean.

        Serving the needs of the Vatican state when you are working in the Irish Civil Service is subversive and an act of treason.

        A person’s faith is private and should never be used to influence government policy as has been done in such a secretive and underhand way by so many Irish civil servants.

        1. ABM

          Faith is personal yes, private no.
          People are employed on the basis of them doing a good job. I have a Christian work ethic and make no apologies for that. I won’t hide my faith so as to placate an increasingly aggressive secular element at the water cooler.

          1. cousinjack

            Whats the difference between a christian, muslim and hindu work ethic. Are you a racist ABM?

            Anyway I thought it was the prods that had the famous work ethic.

          2. Arbs

            ABM, I don’t think you are even deluding yourself. While I am happy to pay my taxes so that you can avail of some sort of social benefits, you are certainly not putting whatever state assistance you receive to good use. It is unfair on yourself to continue this online anonymous self-delusion. You need care, perspective and some sort of self-esteem boosting initiatives.

  10. Leela2011

    I genuinely feel sorry for the ordinary people who are sucked in by YD et al propaganda. I know someone who went this afternoon and she has no further agenda than being prolife and a dedicated Catholic. Rabble made a very interesting observation about the handling of the PR image of the vigil: http://rabble.ie/youthdefence/

    1. Eve

      Love this piece on Rabble, and the pics speak a 1000 words, don’t they? The last one in particular – could be an extra from Craggy Island.

      1. Leela2011

        yep, I reckon they intended to keep out pics of aborted foetuses etc but a few nutsos crept in at the end.

  11. AdamSmyth

    Are people aware that it is possible to be pro-life and not Catholic? I am staunchly pro-life and believe the 4000-odd woman who return to Ireland every year after having abortions overseas should be tried in court yet I only rock up to mass for a good auld pray on Chrsitmass day to keep the peace with the parents.

    1. cousinjack

      Non catholics can be tools, in the same way it is not compulsory for christians to be tools (more difficult for catrholics than other sects admittedly)

    2. Shorty

      “I am staunchly pro-life and believe the 4000-odd woman who return to Ireland every year after having abortions overseas should be tried in court”

      Where to begin!?!

      1. AdamSmyth

        The supream court, that way it will be far harder and more costly to appeal any decision. About 5 years in prison should see them “straight”.

    3. Catherine

      You and your gang are not exclusively “pro-life”, I don’t know anyone who is “anti-life”. You are anti-abortion. Stop using doublespeak terms, we’re not living in 1984. Also, on the point of sending every woman who gets an abortion to prison. You cannot even begin to comprehend what these women go through or their reasons for making the decision to have an abortion. I suppose that this extremist view is because you left your compassion behind as well when you left your religion?

    4. PopePalpatine

      And here was I, naive enough to think that the horrors of the Magdalene Laundries would discourage religious lunatics from wanting to re-open them.

  12. Dee

    I was going to question the average age of the crowd at that ‘party’ but looking closely they seem to be particularly young and very very very old. Ah, old father time, will have his way with the oldies eventually and life will pull the rest of them out of it, hopefully.

    1. Leela2011

      ah that’s not nice :( but yes, I reckon most of the men are priests as the Catholic Bishops called for people to attend

      1. Steve

        Although there seems to be some kids/teenagers in attendance the average age must be like 168. Not a picture of modern Ireland you would imagine. Enjoy your last subsidized trip into town tomorrow folks, the bus pass is going to get pillaged tomorrow.

        By the way I have no problem with the pic above, its a statement piece. Minaj has a claim for ‘Bitch Stole my Look’ on Fashion Police though.


  13. Dee

    And STINKING rich from the looks of the massive screens fancy posters and huge banners. none of these things are cheap (however, they are nasty)…!boom!

  14. Bubba Top Mop

    I wonder what would happen if I turned up at their protest and said I were Jesus Christ come back to live again and told them all to stop acting like tools and to go home. Would they believe me?

    Also what if I tried the same gig in “my” country the Vatican? Would that make me supreme leader for life or what?

    I’d be willing to change my name by deed poll to Jesus Christ but thats as far as I’d go.

      1. Bubba Top Mop

        That was the Romans wasnt it?

        I’d keep quiet in Rome itself and would announce I was Jesus Christ until I’d actually made it into the Vatican City itself.

        Then I’d be on the pig’s back.

        I presume I’d be able to get rid of all the guff in Catholicism 99% of it, dismantle the organisation and spend all the money/assets on something useful.

    1. BLC

      The more we argue about names rather than change, the more things stay the same. They already have the law they want. They’ll happily suck you into pointless arguments about terminology.

      Better to grit our teeth, call them what they want to be called, and spend our energy on something useful.

      1. BLC

        How is it confusing? Do you think people are turning up at the wrong rally because they didn’t understand the team names?

  15. KeithFahey's moustache.

    I didn’t know they were filming the Life of Brian 2 in Dublin

    But seriously if you want to protest against something give people a valid reason not because some make believe god says so

  16. Dave

    Tis funny watching the B.ie liberals abuse people because they stand for something while demanding people listen to them.

    Hypocrites one and all.

    1. Unitedwestand

      Dave, you’re lucky churches weren’t burnt to the ground over what was done to Irish children.

      Although Longford was burnt, even though they pretend it was accidental.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        I have scrolled as a latecomer to this post; what proof do you have that St. Mel’s was arson?

  17. droid

    Regardless of their beliefs, they could have at least had the consideration not to hold their demo during rush hour, hence f**king up traffic all the way back to Donnybrook.

    All the pro-choice demos have been on after 6. I guess that would have pushed the pressganged kids past bedtime, and made it too late to bring the pensioners back home on the free buses.

      1. ConSki

        its insane to think that someone said – “yep, you’re grand, you can wave your signs around the city at rush hour in December.”

        – is anyone in charge of this city?

    1. droid

      If you were cynical you might think that they timed it to create the most disruption possible, hence automatic inclusion in every news bulletin at the time of peak radio listenership.

  18. cousinjack

    I want a proper counter protest next time this happens, I will even promise to join in,
    I’ve had enough of these tools especially when they make me klate home

    1. Tickle

      Won’t happen.

      The rabble rabble crowd which we are don’t do great protests but do voice our opinions on the internet a lot.

      Sort of like arm chair republicans.

      1. woesinger

        How dare you!
        This (like me) will not stand!
        I will defend the honour of the Arm Chair Republic till I’m out of breath.

  19. mickmick

    Some points spring to mind after reading the comments above
    1) Not everbody agrees with you and people who disagree with you are allowed to protest outside the Dail too. This doesn’t just relate to abortion it stands for all issues.
    2) Some of the opus dei/vatican/jesuit grand conspiracy people on here need to take off the tin-foil hats or stay on politics.ie
    3) The churches have been half empty for 20 years, the reason there’s been no legislation on this issue since 1992 is government(s) apathy. Blaming the church is a typically Irish cop-out. Enda bawled out the church in the Dail and they closed the Vatican embassy. Does that sound like a govt. scared of the church?
    4) Is that guy holding the cross upside down?

  20. CE

    Religion is a man-made construct. It was created in order to control the people in the world by fear. Rulers created religion as a way to control people, so they could gain power over the masses.

    The premise behind religion is that if you commit sin, you will go to hell. Thus, rulers put it in peoples’ heads that unless they live by a certain set of rules, ‘they are going to hell’.

    The truth is, hell doesn’t exist. Like religion, hell is a made-up construct designed to scare people into following a set of rules, in order to keep societies under control.

    I’m surprised that even in the year 2012, people are still gullible enough to fall for religion.

    Religion is also for people who can’t think for themselves and for people who have no individuality; instead they simply join a religion and allow that religion to control their thinking.

    The only people who benefit from religion are the religion’s leaders. How many gullible people have paid money to the church, for example, thus making the ‘saviours’ who run it richer.

    Religion also forces people to deny their true nature. Things like ‘no sex before marriage’ etc….yet we are sexual beings and sex is a perfectly normal, healthy human need.

    I do believe in God, I believe in a Higher Power. But God and religion are two entirely separate things. God is the Universal Force that we all sense is there, but we cannot explain….but religion is simply a man-made construct that isn’t real. God/the Higher Power doesn’t get involved in the moral side of life at all. There is no such thing as ‘sin’, there is no such thing as ‘hell’, etc. We were given reasoning and a mind of our own, so we can think for ourselves and not blindly follow a set of rules that were designed by a religion.

    The way forward is not religion. The way forward is to become a FREE-THINKING, FREE-WILLED individual and to think for yourself and live life on your own terms. To pursue your own happiness and personal goals and to feel happy and fulfilled by doing this. Not blindly following a made up religion and advocating your thinking to that religion.

    As long as you don’t hurt anyone else and you don’t do anything illegal within the society you live in, you can do whatever you want. You’re not ‘going to hell’ or any of that nonsense.

    Religion is the cause of most wars and conflicts in the world. Without religion, we’d all get along better. So guys, it’s time to rid yourself of religion and become a free-thinking human being instead.

    1. agriolouloudo

      @ CE: the concept of a God, or God(s), in any religion has nothing to do with spirituality, and by saying this, I mean that they can’t be used interchangeably, even though they are frequently. Also, please don’t include morality in the same context as Christianity or God, because the concept of morality pre-dates the existence of God by three hundred years @ least in ancient Greek philosophy. Morality, for every one of us, is about what we have responsibility for in our own lives and the decisions we make accordingly- each and every day of our lives. That’s what morality is. Atheists, pagans, Christians etc… all have morals, however, just because they don’t agree with your moral viewpoint, it does not mean that they don’t have one. P.S. I’m not looking for an argument, but when people equate morality with [any] religion, it negates both, in my opinion.

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