14 thoughts on “Your Morning Sickness Has Arrived

  1. Iwerzon

    That’s definitely a Beckam on the left.
    I see tyhe Jackeen press are lovin’ this – tipping the forelock to the British crown as usual – are we full steam ahead back to the Common Wealth?

  2. Munkifisht

    Ah… Gone are the days. I remember when Royals had the look of the inbred with a raft of inherited defects and genetic abnormalities. Happier times.

    1. rayray

      I imagine it’s cos children have a bigger forehead to face ratio due to the fact your skull grows much less during your lifetime than your facial features.

  3. KeithFahey's moustache.

    Wow recently married young couple in their 30’s get pregnant. Can we agree now that this is an amazing miracle that could not possibly happen to anyone else in similar circumstances and not talk about it for the next 9 months

  4. Sido

    If the Duchess is having problems with her pregnancy they should send Kate over to Ireland.
    Because everyone knows “Ireland is one of the safest places in the Wurld to have a baby”!

  5. Grumpyoldman

    Oh no. Is Broadsheet going to fawn over British royalty like a willing subject with no self respect?

    (Even though this is the Republic of Ireland).

  6. ZeligIsJaded

    Jesus, when my little one was born, the scan was just a mess of pixels.
    Moore’s law!
    And is it any wonder she has morning sickness, and yer man in a suit!

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