At Artane Castle, Dublin.

Thanks Elaine

Meanwhile, in Tesco Drumcondra, Dublin, tonight:

Thanks David Conway

47 thoughts on “Tesco Right NOW

    1. anvil

      Ireland is renowned the world over for being a nation of feckless drunks.
      Now it just got a little more expensive living up to our reputation.

      1. Rob

        Or maybe it’s just people using their heads and buying Christmas drink early before the price goes up. But never pass up an opportunity to belittle your own people.

        1. anvil

          We are feckless drunks though,you’ve got to admit.
          Go anywhere in the world and ask someone about Ireland – they’ll immediately do a little Flatley dance, drink an imaginary pint of Guinness and pull a gormless face.
          Then belch and put on a cod diddly-eye accent and ask if you want to step outside for a fight.
          Jeez lad, don’t despair.At least we’re not Welsh.

          1. MeMe

            Most Europeans can, and a fair few yanks, though they’re confined to New England states I’ll grant you. I’ve lived in NY for the last 4 years and haven’t been mistaken from British once… though I now have a weird American twang so that could have something to do with it… Oh yes, argh drink prices at home went up.

  1. Jerra

    The same thing is happening in El Salvador at the moment so please retract your “only in Ireland” laziness.

  2. thecitizen

    Can we still only buy it when the government allows?

    I don’t see what the fuss is anyway, it only works out at 0.8% a bottle.

    1. Small Wonder

      Indeed! I wouldn’t put a corkscrew in to anything under 120 euro a bottle!

      What am I saying? I wouldn’t let my *butler* put a corkscrew in to anything under 120 euro!

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to eat my caviar within 90 minutes of it being jetted in from the Black sea! Ta ta!

  3. John Gallen

    I was in LiDL and there were people in an aisle of the shop too, it was like… so weird that people would be out and about shopping for food stuffs and… then, then, I saw this and had to share !

    I feel better now.

  4. Munkifisht

    What the hell… Why is it when people try to make saving on booze they get sanctimonious fingers pointed at them?

    Ok, I don’t get pissed too often, but I do like an occasional glass of wine with dinner, and guess what, Christmas is on the way. Wine isn’t really something that goes off, so why not stock up?

  5. Hector Ramires

    Wonder have any government ministers made any investments in winery’s recently?
    That can be the only reason for singling out wine above spirits….

      1. realPolithick

        Yeah, and every time a bell rings an angel gets it’s wings! Wait, was that a stupid comment..doh!

  6. The lady

    I just got back from an unexpected wine run to superquinn where they had met their sales targets for the day by 6.30 pm,the poor fella running the wine section was rushed of his feet. Now, to start sampling and forget about the rest of the budget.

  7. KeithFahey's moustache.

    I loved the reaction form the Off License association, this will have people shopping in their drove north of the boarder and will ruin Irish Retail. Yep they will be driving form cork to save a Euro on a bottle of wine ALL RIGHT

    1. Thomas

      What’s ridiculous about saying that? The North is down around €250m a year from peak cross border shopping levels.

  8. No Fun

    What about my boxes of wine? Has their cost gone up too?
    Or “cartons” of wine as I call them to add an aura of sophistication to their existence.

  9. Robert Clancy

    Every Tesco accross the country was this way today, and little did they know Tesco has chosen to absorb the €1 until after christmas. THE AMOUNT OF DETAGGING I DID TODAY, how and ever Tesco are DELIGHTED will the sales and the zombies that roamed the off licences today.

    1. paul m

      me christmas jingly bells they absorbed the cost! they do what they always do and put the cost onto other items in the store. dont be playing that guff. Tesco either screw the suppliers or the shoppers but never dip their own pocket.

  10. David Bourke

    I saw someone speculate today that ferry prices to France next year will rise as demand increases for booze cruises.

  11. Brian Byrne

    If you can afford €5 for a bottle of wine, then you can afford €6 for a bottle. If you can’t afford €6 for a bottle of wine then you shouldn’t be buying it.

    1. Small Wonder

      Ie – if you’re poor you shouldn’t be having any craic.

      If all you can afford is a 5 euro bottle of wine, then the price just went up 20%. If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford a 50 euro bottle of wine, the price just went up by 2% and you can well afford the increase.

      Have a think about that

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