“There Is A lot Of Good Value In Shops In Relation To Clothing And Footwear”


It’s basically a lifestyle choice.

The Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton (above), has told families facing a cut of up to one-third in their school-children’s clothing and footwear allowance they can get very good value in some shops.

The children of most welfare recipients qualify for support under the scheme.
The payment has been reduced from €150 to €100 for primary school children and from €250 to €200 for secondary and third level students below the age of 22.
“There is a lot of good value in shops in relation to clothing and footwear,” Ms Burton told journalists when questioned…


You were looking for empathy?

Burton Defends Allowance Cuts In Budget (RTE)

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

56 thoughts on ““There Is A lot Of Good Value In Shops In Relation To Clothing And Footwear”

  1. KeithFahey's moustache.

    Did we miss the bit where Noonan claimed that FF were exaggerating about peoples lack of disposable income on RTE1 ??

  2. Eliza

    She says:
    “a lot of good value in shops in relation to clothing and footwear”

    I offer a translation:
    “a load of cheap sh1te put together by slave labour which will fall apart after three weeks of wear and 1 wash or polish …. oh and not in a way that can be repaired cos otherwise you could just fix it, no, it will fall apart in an unraveled unrepairable way forcing you to buy another”

    Viva la sodding economy lads

    1. John Joe Brethren

      She meant in relation to herself! A minister’s salary is fantastic for getting good value deals that the common muck can’t afford…damn her oily hide

        1. ZeligIsJaded

          Schtop will uu!

          Can’t be commentin on the face of a female TD.

          The feminists’ll go flippin mental

  3. EJ

    Surely a lot of that would be going on uniforms & with secondary school, in particular, they’re a standard price. You can’t exactly shop around

    1. jean

      You’re quite right – loads of schools insist on jumpers, blazers, coats etc with school crests that can only be bought at specialist retailers. Friends working in education tell me it’s not a kickback situation, but a weird Irish snobbery thing that many schools cling to – ie, it’s not just any old jumper, it’s a special St Attracta’s School of the Sacred Heart jumper.

      It’s a cultural thing that costs parents a fortune and it should be challenged by government – it’s not fair to leave it up to individual parents to make a fuss. Pretty disingenuous comment by the Minister.

  4. Mr Meh

    She’s RIGHT- go to Tesco and you can get a school uniform for a fraction of the allowance these people are getting. Where is it written that people who have kids must get EVERY expense paid for by the state? They are as bad as TDs.

  5. Miich

    Tell that to the schools! Tried to buy my little brother a grey jumper from tesco so we could iron on the patch. Was told he’s not allowed do that and has to buy the official jumper. They also wanted us to spend 100 on a particular coat, if he doesn’t wear the coat he gets a ‘mark’ for not having the correct uniform.

          1. anonymous

            What a scam, tell’em t’get with the times, and what the f**k has a uniform got to do with a child’s education. The bloody Morons!

        1. terry

          What school is that? You should name and shame them. Forcing them to buy a e100 jumper when they are only a tenner in tesco is a disgrace. The government are driving parents into poverty, you should totally name and shame them. You can also go to ratemyteacher.ie and leave comments there. The schools hate it

      1. jean

        It’s not that simple. Schools will punish children for not having the right uniform – my stupid secondary school did it all the time over nonsense like having socks with a single stripe, instead of plain white. The only way you’ll get the school to change it’s uniform policy is if all the parents lobby for it, and plenty won’t because of 1) being able to afford it, 2) not wanting to make a fuss or 3) believing that the uniforms *should* be expensive to keep the plebs out.

  6. Realworld

    Keep on voting Labour, as there is lots of good value in the shops.

    The 1 Euro shop is a great place for your weekly shopping.

  7. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    And what are women on maternity leave supposed to do? How on earth is maternity benefit a taxable income?!

    1. paul m

      you’re supposed to spend your entire taxable leave harrassing said ministers en masse, hurling bags of breastmilk and shitty nappies at them until they reverse their decision. The pensioners, over the medical card, made it clear that all governments are made for u-turning and that its about applying the right amount of pressure. i tell ya hell hath no fury like an irish mammy (especially one who hasnt slept in months)! they made a right balls of this one altogether. eejits.

      1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

        I’m due in July. There will be no one in the Dail. I think I’ll send my local TD my bank statements and receipts for the 26 weeks I’m on maternity leave. Then we will have to sit down and work out if it’s worth my while going back to work. Ireland has disappointed me so much in the last few months. It really is a mans’ world.

  8. sinabhfuil

    Comedy gold if any entrepreneurial TV producer got Joan and, say, Barbara Scully to go around the shops looking for bargains :D

  9. An Angry Sod

    I say it is not too late to wake up Ireland, however it is getting close to it though.
    If everybody who cared got out in all their areas and marched up and down the Roads and Streets of this Country and walked slowly enough to slow all traffic for up to 8 hours a day until the Government stopped and got to talking to us and stop dictating to us.
    If we stop industry in Ireland, we will get the notice we need from the Government and it need not be violent in any way.

    1. brianp

      Can we find the schedules and routes of any and all ministerial cars? Lets just publish those online somewhere so we can delay them on the right roads.

  10. lydia

    To the poster who said ‘you can buy a uniform in Tesco at a fraction of the price’, (sic) indeed you can but the school my daughter is at, the school crest is sewn into everything and they charge you €30 per jumper for the privilege. They will not sell badges separately (we did ask) and her pinafore is in a tartan that Tesco don’t sell. So we cannot shop around but have to patronise the racket of a shop the school supports.

    1. Jerra

      Let her get expelled for not wearing the uniform.
      Who needs government education nowadays anyway?
      Let them educate themselves on the internet.
      The education curriculum is just for passing exams to get into 3rd Level to pass more exams.
      Teach your child the things she needs to know to survive as an adult doing the things she likes.

  11. huppenstop

    Is it beyond all the schools in a particular catchment area to all choose the same basic uniform. Bulk ordering could keep prices low, and different schools could differentiate uniforms by sewing a crest (or much easier) choosing different ties.

  12. banser

    not everybody has her expenses she gets more expenses than people on the dole get to run a house with 3 kids so her heads up her hole as usual she wouldnt even know what the inside of penneys dunnes or even oxfam shop looked like so she can shove her patronising FG propagands up her swiss, its only a matter of time before somebody suicidal takes some of these f**kers out with them

    1. Pissedoffandpoor

      She’s, though you wouldn’t think it from the way she votes on women’s right to own body governance, a labour t.d.

  13. Graham King

    Cos it seems NCBI and SVP Charity shops are all going to welcome us now….. even LIDL will be M&S to us soon

  14. cousinjack

    I believe fortnum and masons were delivering hampers to the Dail today
    austerity is hitting, was Harrods last year

  15. Paul Anthony Ward

    Because everyone was getting their back-to-school supplies in Loius Vuitton & Browne Thomas before today…(!)

  16. Pissedoffandpoor

    She is a black-hearted b***h and a traitor to working people everywhere.
    “F**k you and your working class,
    I’ve got the boss’s job at last!”

  17. Jessica

    Ah some of these comments made me smile on this ol gloomy day thanks…at least we still have our sense of humour..now lets wreak the dail..

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