The same old story.

As soon as an Irishman gets nominated for an award, he’s suddenly British.

The Irina Nominations 2012 (TheIrinaPalmD’or)

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10 thoughts on “Ah Here

  1. EBS

    It would certainly be the worst IRISH film I’ve seen in a long time. I kinda feel for Terry though. He is clearly incredibly hard working and ambitious after making the film without much budget. If he could only realise his talents were better at producing than writing and directing.

    1. BLC

      I see what you mean about the reviews. “What happens when you put a rabbi, a Buddhist monk, a high-strung capitalist, and a lesbian humanitarian together in the same room? Not comedy, it turns out.”

      That’s about the best of them.

  2. willchangethislater

    Worst British Actor
    Adam Deacon, Payback Season
    Peter Doherty, Confession of a Child of the Century
    Liam Neeson, Battleship and Taken 2
    Emmett Scanlan, Charlie Casanova
    Dougray Scott, A Thousand Kisses Deep


  3. dover

    Thank the sweet baby Jeebus they think he’s British.

    In fairness, every Irish film could be in the running for ‘worst Irish film’. All shite that gets lauded as ‘underappreciated genius’

    See: What Richard Did, Grabbers, Disco Pigs … the list goes on and on and on … like most of the films

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