31 thoughts on “Ambulance To The Dáil Please

    1. Leela2011

      jaysis, sounds like the whole of city centre has been closed off due to collision on Dawson/Nassau St. or is it a ruse??

  1. ellomatey

    I got a bus from Ballsbridge to town, about 40 mins ago there were about 12-15 speeding garda vehicles heading back in the direction of the summit in the rds, when I got to Dawson street it was closed off, an ambulance or two, two fire engines and some garda around a stopped bus. They seemed to be talking to one chap on an empty bus. This ambulance going (admittedly only one) going into the Dail and I’m hearing sirens in the city right now. Is their something big going on or are they just speeding in that direction to escort political figures out of the rds?

  2. doctorfive

    During last year’s budget the Dáil sat for a five days (first time in 14 years) and a TD was hospitalised by the end of it.

  3. D

    A guy got killed by a bus at corner of Dawson and Nassau. About 20 mins ago. Gruesome stuff. I’m presuming it was the bus. Unclear. Total wipe out scenario. Very sad. RIP

  4. Fronk

    Some pretty crass comments on here in light of what happened. Perhaps people should think before they type….RIP to the poor unfortunate person killed….

    1. Anvil

      In fairness none of the posters knew a feller had been killed by a bus and since they have there haven’t been any more posts.

      But far be it from me to stop you climbing on your high horse.

    2. Leela2011

      My comments above were before knowing someone was killed. Sounds like a shocking incident, RIP for the man and hope witnesses and driver are ok. Mad night in the city I would imagine with Clinton visit and Anti War Movement protesting on Dame st

        1. anvil

          There are degrees of bad news, of which this one is extremely bad.
          On the other hand it might have just been a TD with his knob stuck in a Dyson hoover extension.
          How’s the view from up their on your high horse.

          1. Evil_g

            No, sorry pal. Having a problem with people laughing at ambulances does not make me self righteous. Having a problem with people laughing at ambulances makes me normal.

        2. jeremy kyle

          Unfortunately it seems really necessary we need to point out that nobody is/was making fun of that specific incident or any other injured person. It’s ambulance outside the Dail. Hence a few lame jokes.

  5. Kdoc

    The Dawson / Nassau street incident seems to be the result of a scuffle that spilled out on to the road.

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