27 thoughts on “Austéritif

  1. Zackersetu

    can’t help but wonder if there is a case in here… I made and ate your breath mints … and I received severe stomach cramps from ingesting topical detergents and possible fluoride poisoning. Why would you print this?????

    Also … if you were that trapped for cash a) don;t have a diner party and b) buy a effing packet of polos!!

      1. jamlove

        it should be an effing too and effing should be f*cking and sigh shouldn’t be used because, ah heare leave it out!

      1. BLC

        And the sole guttering pleasure of my day has just been snuffed out. i am a better person for it, though.

        I think a digestif is strictly a drink, though. This would be what – a petit four?

        1. Caroline

          That’s probably the best approximation. I’m not even going to attempt a pun. Pretty-poors. There. Happy now?

          1. BLC

            Goddammit. I keep forgetting to change these one-shot screen-names. God forbid I should do one of my Arbs posts when I’m dressed as ABM.

  2. Spud

    This is clearly a Signal that the Arm & Hammer need to be raised by the people to show we’ve no Sense o’dyin!

  3. wafflewaitress

    Dried crusty (make sure they’re pure brown now mind..) dog turds make an excellent free alternative to after dinner choclates when sliced into thin squares.
    Cheap as chips, or cheap as dog shite if you like.
    Or something like that.

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