57 thoughts on “Come Into The Parlour

  1. sinabhfuil

    ‘As Collins said, “Think – what have I got for Ireland? Something which she has wanted these past 700 years. Will anyone be satisfied with the bargain? Will anyone? I tell you this -early this morning I signed my own death warrant. I though at the time how odd, how ridiculous -a bullet might just as well have done the job 5 years ago.”‘

  2. AJB

    “Keep staring at the Liam Neeson-esque portrait above the fireplace and ignore the weirdly Masonic symbols on the fireplace itself. And in return I promise to ignore how you market yourself as a strong female leader even though you’re basically only famous as a Cuckquean…. yes I do know the what the opposite of cuckold is…”

  3. polo

    Masonic symbols? A clock, a bust of JFK(Catholic-anti-masonic- or is it really a masonic conspiracy on the death of the 1st catholic president of the US), and three unidentified objects?

  4. Mick Flavin

    “…and then Kevin Costner is all like “Back and to the left…Back…and to the left”…I’m sure you’ve seen it, but anyway, here’s a nice ould picture of Liam Neeson…looks like he posed for it around the time of the A-Team remake…I didn’t think much of that at all…I don’t know why they just couldn’t have the original BA: It’s not like he would have turned him down…The only thing I saw him in lately was a pitiful blooper show called “World’s Craziest Fools” or something…gas man!…”

  5. Peregu

    “I put Bill’s head in a box before you came in. I know that the words Bill and head could be upsetting. I’ve said too much. Have I said too much? Look, look, that’s Michael Collins. Funny story, he got his head blown off… Oh there I go again. Awkward. So, how is Obama?”

  6. Woahtherehorsey

    “Can you believe it? They actually used to call him the big fella. That was before they heard about me myself of course. For god”s sake, will you take of that duffel, woman? You won’t feel the benefit of it when you go out.”

      1. woahtherehorsey

        To be honest, it’s difficult to put an exact date on when caption competitions began to encourage long-winded essays, so I can’t really help you on that one, apologies.

        Here’s another honest question: Would it be possible to specify the date, on which you became an oul grumbly drawers?

          1. Hilary Quinton

            you better back the F**k up before you get smacked the F**k up homeboy

            dont mess with no playa

          2. BLC

            There’s only one way to settle this. Limericks at dawn.

            1. Competitors may rhyme on either forename (Hilary, Woahthere) or surname (Horsey, Quinton).
            2. Allegations of sexual impropriety are encouraged.

            Now shake hands, and I’ll see you both tomorrow.

  7. brian

    Enda : When I sit like this I feel sort of feminine. Its like i can understand what it means to be a woman.

  8. Kath

    Honest question – does FF replace the picture above fireplace with one of Dev when they’re in office? Anyone?

    1. mike

      I think Dev is hanging on the other side of the room. I think.
      Dev is defo hanging in the main hallway though cause there is a portrait of all former Taoisigh.

      1. Kath

        Thanks, Mike. I’ve yet to make it into the hallowed halls myself.

        A friend once told me someone snuck a brown envelope behind Haughey’s portrait. I would have liked to have seen that although I”m told the portrait in question is very high up and therefore difficult to access (perhaps just a rumor after all).

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      I was in this room once. There is a corner devoted to Obama opposite to where Inda & Scrunchy are sitting. I saw no Dev.

      1. Kath

        Wow. I don’t think there’s a reciprocal corner in the Oval Office. But maybe Enda’s added it to his Santa list.

  9. Murtles

    The fact the US flag is touching the gorund is a big no no for the yanks. They’ll go spare to the point of invading us and hanging Enda if they see the that pic.

    *Emails photo to FBI/CIA/Homeland Security with Enda Kennys Address

  10. Pigeon Street

    “Yeah, that thing there behind the picture of yer man, it’s a chimney stack and that’s how Santy gets in to yer house”.

  11. Roy Keane

    the ADD suffering school girls who run this website have similar traits to the girls who used to scream non stop whenever they saw the beatles

  12. dsdsdsd

    “And what people don’t realise is that that’s JFK’s actual head, painted green. Do you want to see the bullet hole?”

  13. james

    “look we both have the same haircut to, we are pretty much exactly the same except for a few minor differences”

  14. Nigel

    And we’re going to just going to put stockings on the mantlepiece there, on the paintings, we’ll nail them to the walls, put giant ones on the flag-poles, we’ll stuff the feckin’ fireplace full of them, and then Santa’s going to fill them with money. I know it’s not much of an economic plan, but it’s the only one we’ve got.

  15. Marty

    It ain’t a caption but it looks like the American flag is touching the floor. I thought that was a big no no.

    1. Kath

      I think if they’re flying flags (outside) they’re not meant to touch the ground (supposedly you are meant to bury one if it has) but I would think there’s some leeway for indoor flags. Interestingly, the US flag is always meant to be to the right when with other flags, which they have adhered to.

  16. Cobweb

    “And believe me, Hillary……..we’ve been taking the Michael out of the Irish people ever since”.

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