19 thoughts on “Irish Pictorial Weekly Teaser

  1. Paul2

    I am really looking forward to this, I thought last weeks epidode was excellent. Between this and The Savage Eye, we finally have good satire on Irish tv.

  2. Bacchus

    If you’re old enough to remember Hall’s Pictorial Weekly you’ll have heard this script before. Except back then it had teeth as well. Oh well.

    1. orieldude

      Like a lot of things, the memory of the likes of Hall and Scrap Saturday is better than the reality

  3. orieldude

    Half decent satire at last, just needs to cut a bit closer to the bone to be excellent – Kudos to all involved

  4. Decent Pap

    You see Mario, this is what happens when Ian Dempsey isn’t involved in the sketch writing process

  5. illuminati16

    guy on the right is brian lenihan surely? and was bertie not the hallmark of a stuttering politician? two dubs no?? seems anto n decko from dublin want to pass the responsibility to the rest of ireland for electing bad politicans, they elect plenty themselves

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