Meanwhile, Near The Lochs Of Middle Ireland


Apple Maps.

On the fritz again.

Kevin Quinn writes:

Pic of Apple maps routing on my iPhone, taken just outside Castlebaldwin, 30 km from Sligo on the N4.
I wasn’t aware that Ireland had “lochs” or that the N4 had been renamed “Lochs of Middle Ireland”, or that Co Sligo was in the middle of Ireland…but there you have it.

10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Near The Lochs Of Middle Ireland

    1. illuminati16

      osi are the most usless un-inventive behind the times organisation in the entire map world, ESRI all the way

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Buying apple products is like buying an unfinished product before it gets to the end of the assembly line.

    The difference with PC products is that they at least will admit to upgrading requirements rather than be the cool dude first to market.

    *awaits apple guru types to tell me how wrong I am – wears duck on back!*

    1. Bubba Top Mop

      The problem with Apple products is the premium of 30~40% solely for the name Apple.

      Basically if you are happy paying this premium fair enough but I’ve never met a techie yet who hasnt agreed that Apple are charging a massive branding premium.

      Long-term its very hard to see Apple maintaining this branding premium.

      1. cluster

        Most peopel are not techies and Apple products tend to be made with the user in mind. No fiddling around trying to make the software you bought work.

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