172 thoughts on “Ming On FIRE

  1. spider

    So his children are being teased over the fact that he can’t dress appropriately.

    Simple solution… he should dress appropriately…

      1. spider

        They don’t carry out their business in the dail.

        BTW, I am one of those who voted for him. When I’m in work I wear T-Shirt, jeans & flipflops, when I go to a meeting I wear smart casual. When I meet government representatives and semi state bodies or when I present myself in a public forum I generally wear a smart suit and awesome shoes…

        1. realPolithick

          So you voted for him as he was, but now you’re complaining because he hasn’t changed. Doesn’t make a lot of sense!

          1. PoliticiansarenotjustforChristmas

            If you are ever unfortunate to find yourself dressed in a sackcloth and two hollowed out [not so awesome] turnips as shoes I guarantee you it will be because of someone in a suit and not a jumper.

    1. barry

      Why is a suit appropriate dress ? Most people he represents don’t wear suits and he already passed his interview by getting elected.

      Then again most TDs represent narrow elite interests, so guess suits be appropriate dress wear when representing oil & gas industry, bankrupt property developers, light touch regulation….blah, blah, blah

      1. spider

        Well if you think of it this way… Back in the day, the developers used to wear suits and ties, as they did more business with creative types, they began to dress similarly – for many this meant dressing down in casual trousers and open shirts – it became a calling card and symbol of the celtic tiger. Then others who worked on the periphery wanted in too, so the estate agents and anyone who was scrambling to make a quick buck off them joined in. Then the politicians… they began to emulate the deveopers and it was obvious the strong connections between the two groups… Now look where we are.

        In the industry I work in, we could actually see it happening & used to laugh at it… Now we realise it was a sign of the corruption and the intrinsic links between the government, big money & the banks. Politicians are paid and treated in a way that sets them above most others and they should respect us by dressing appropriately.

        1. Grumpyoldman

          “creative types”

          The fact that you use that phrase suggests you have no respect for people who design things. But I bet you love your iPhone.

      2. Mark Dennehy

        I don’t mind the suit so much, especially since half the TDs in there make suits look bad by spilling out of them (serisouly, do Louis Copeland make a TD Special with reinforced gut-bands or something?) but for feck’s sake man, run a brush through your hair (and wash it first) and trim that fecking beard.

        Not being pompous or stuck on etiquette is one thing; showing up to work like a dog dragged you backwards through the ditches to get you there, that’s a whole other thing altogether.

  2. Pat

    Damn. I saw “Ming on Fire” and pictured a completely different scenario involving him and a flammable liquid.

  3. Mrs Stapleton

    Just hours after an austerity Budget – another austerity Budget – and Mick Flannagan is complaining about people who don’t like what he wears.

    What screwed priorities that little-brained man has.

        1. Blah

          You know it hasnt been a too bad a budget if Ming Flange is complaining about the impact of his dress on his children. He has two options:
          – explain to his children that the world is made up of different people who say things that can offend, and therefore its important to develop the skills to appropriately ignore and get on with life (ala ‘Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”), or
          – Dress like he wants to actuall effect change and engage with decision makers, rather that consistently crib from the sidelines and lounge on the margins where he is free to call for anyting, and complain about all, as he knows he cant himself deliver on it.

          Ming is a frekin’ joke, and this is from someone who thought he was going to be a worthwhile politician…he’s turned into a parody of himself. No benefit to the people of Roscommon/South Leitrim

          1. michelle

            I don’t know, think it’s a fair point, and was also made during AOB and did not take away from the budget. There is inequality in the Dáil based on the fact that certain members of it do not wish to participate in a flagrantly inappropriate designer wear parade. They were elected just as anyone else was and so they should be treated as everyone else is. Ming and others are trying to represent working class politics and are literally the only people in the Dáil doing so.
            I think wearing a wooly jumper in December to the Dáil is apt and not really something that is even worth discussing.

            Ming has used dress in a political way before, i.e. the Louis Copeland hemp suit in order to make a point, which was to legalize Marijuana because aside from smoking it, it can also be used as clothing and for food . There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using dress for politics and his critics are ultimately not listening to what he says because they are so distracted by this celebrity-“bitching” way one must interact with such a point.

          2. Senormorales

            Its not a fair point at all, this is but a snap shot of what he said in the Dail yesterday. He made number of excellent points regarding staffing numbers in the police force and fire brigade in his constituency, he further made another number of apt analyses of many issues that highlight the corrupt and two tier society we live in. But no, of course him talking about his jumper is the big news.

          1. Owen C

            Tony Gregory and Joe Higgins have represented working class communities over the last 30 years, and they seem to be able to put on a shirt and a suit without too much hassle. Ming essentially wears his day to day clobber so he can say he’s “different” to the rest of the Dail, and then seems shocked when he gets treated differently. He could end this distraction tomorrow by wearing a shirt and basic slacks – no suit, no tie, no Louis Copeland get up required. But of course that would go against his anarchist persona.

          2. Bobby

            Anarchist persona?

            Does anyone in Ireland actually know anything about anarchists?

            Grim, grimmer than the jumper fiasco, because no one can understand politics beyond a massive gaf with two bars full of aul’ fellas.

            Voting is…. never f**king mind.

    1. SOMK

      He’s spoken much more about the appalling economic policies of the government in less than two years than the average waste of space TD would do in a thousand lifetimes.

      If his children are being bullied in school because of the comment being made to the press about his dress, he’s every right to defend himself.

          1. Nigel

            Aw contrary, politicians in suits tend to come with clearly labeled price tags.

            And underpaid, overworked Chinese children in poorly ventilated firetraps maketh the clothes.

  4. C.D.

    At 0:51 –

    “Everytime I attempt to speak they interrupt me and come across me”.

    We’ve all been there…..sad face.

    Wouldn’t be so bad if they wiped it off and said sorry.

    1. michelle

      Yeah it’s total bullshit. Ming is possibly the most respected politician for the younger generation, who want a secular Ireland which moves forward instead of back. Seeing this absolute lack of democracy is just reaffirming of the fact that Ireland has one of the most idiotic backwards governments.

  5. Paul Chillage

    Seán Barrett’s rider:

    Dressing room must have two 6-ft. couches, two easy chairs, a carpeted rugged floor, one large coffee table, two floor lamps, four cushioned folding chairs, a TV cable connection and an “UNLISTED OUTGOING ONLY” phone line.
    Six power outlets
    One small bowl of fresh tuna salad “with Hellmann’s mayo, eggs, relish and albacore tuna only”
    Although not on his regular contract riders, he once requested that the security be tripled, from 15 minders to 45 bodyguards
    He wants fresh flowers that are unarranged, as he wants to arrange it himself
    No pillows should be provided, as he brings his own

  6. Caboosicle

    He has a point about getting silence.

    It’s like watching a bunch of children in the schoolyard. Seriously, what age are these people that they think it is appropriate to shout over each other? You see more order in a monkey cage at the zoo. Is it any wonder that the country is so screwed when your elected representative can’t represent you with all the animal impersonators screaming over them?

    And don’t even get me started on the TV debates…

    1. Betty

      Agreed. They should have some respect and be quiet. His point would have been made in the short allotted time and then things would have moved on.

      1. Alzer

        Couldn’t have said it better myself. The suits talk about Luke’s lack of respect by not wearing a suit (who bloody cares) and yet they think it’s ok to be disrespectful by shouting and jeering when he’s trying to speak.

        Ireland’s problem is that we are a country of hypocrites.

    2. Bangalore

      Ah you would see it in a zoo in fairness. Id also like to see Ming fling some sh*te at the other benchs

    3. dmagive

      agree that they should shut up and leave him speak they acted like children but i do think as a public representative he should dress smarter.
      p.s i still dont have any respect or trust any politician as far as id throw their big fat wallets.

  7. CE

    He is showing disrespect to the House so why should anyone show him respect. Wearing a suit to the Dail is about showing respect to the house. Yes it does matter he is not wearing a suit. I am sorry but as a representative of the people you should look clean and tidy. How are we expected to be taken seriously on a world stage when you have someone who clearly takes no pride in how they present themselves. I have no issues with long hair etc but for crying out loud he looks like he has made zero effort. To me if he makes zero effort to look clean and tidy then how much effort is he going to put into looking after the people who have voted to have him represent them. Lets not forget the crap that Wallace has pulled as it is. It says it all really.

    1. Rudy

      Whatever about showing respect house, dressing like that shows a remarkable lack of respect to the people who elected him to it.

      As for the yoke sitting beside him, did he leave the vibrator in all night, or what?

      1. Bangalore


        Dress in a jumper and stand up for constituents and be derided.

        Put on a tie and feel free for f*ck everybody over.

        1. Senormorales

          Too right! All the things that are wrong with this country and people getting upset about a jumper!

    2. Jimmythehead

      Maybe he doesnt respect the house? Maybe he wants to dress like the common people who voted him into that seat in the first place?

      Like Johnny Cash says, when people asked him why does he dress like he’s going to a funeral…. “maybe I am”

      1. BLC

        Twice this year I’ve had people say “Jaysus, who died?” or equivalent as I came home from a funeral. (I know, I have thick friends.) (But at least they’re dying off.)

    3. Mister Mister

      Absolutely. If I’m representing my company and want to look my most professional. This guy represents our country and his constituents.

      And it’s not as if his policies make up for his scruffy appearance.

      1. NHOJ

        Funny, because he comes across to me as a humble and understated man in his ordinary clothes, which is more than could be said for the jackals in their suits.

    4. Betty

      Well that’s crap. I’d much rather someone represent me as a citizen with intelligence, conviction and passion regardless of how they dress, than be “well” dressed in an expensive suit and have no substance to their words (as so many are).

      Substance over style any day.

        1. Operatick

          No doubt you’d do a far better job.

          Or maybe you’d be one of the fella’s on the other side shouting your abuse instead.

          1. MeMe

            No, I’d be striving to legalize cannabis because as we all know that’s the way out of this economic meltdown. That and detracting from the budget to tell everyone to stop picking on him for looking like a hobo in the Dail.

      1. Nitro

        Well Said Betty…
        Couldn’t of put it better myself.
        The original commenter is spewing a load of rubbish,
        The whole idea of a dress etiquette in this circumstance is such an old fashioned mind set, it has nothing to do with people trying to do whats best for their country.

        By that logic, it’s like saying Hitler wore a suit to his rally’s, so he has to be respected and listened to more than any other poor citizen wearing rags.

        1. MeMe

          Your Hitler reference is the rubbish spew in this comment stream. A person representing a company or corporation keeps themselves tidy and well dressed at meetings and the like, a person representing a country should have the same decorum.

      2. Kath


        This smacks (to me) of nothing more than common begrudgery and picking on someone who dares to be different. If someone takes issue with his stance(s) on politics, fair enough, make them known & debate. But don’t deride the man simply because he chooses different clothes than other deputies. Jesus – since when did the Dail become a fashion mecca of well chosen tailored suits of good taste?

        Plus, I think his Muppets shirt this summer past was 100% appropriate given the people he’s forced to work with.

    5. Simon

      He’s wearing a jumper wholly appropriate for the weather we’re having at the moment. It’s not like he’s arrived in rags. Can’t see how that’s showing disrespect.

      1. ineverthoughtidenduphere

        I think they have heating in the Dail, in less this is visual sympathy of the misery his rosy cheeked suited buddies intend to inflict on the old this winter

    6. woesinger

      Yes, because we know that the quality of a person’s shirts is directly proportional to the quality of not just their representation of their constituents, but also their moral character.

      Just look at Charles J. Haughey.
      Shirts from Charvais, and a paragon of both public service and virtue.

      I rest my case.

    7. rob

      ‘He is showing disrespect to the House so why should anyone show him respect.’ . what an amazingly childish attitude, uh maybe because they are supposed to be adults?…..Its a matter of opinion whether or not he is disrespecting the house, but not allowing him to speak is undeniably disrespectful. He’s wearing a wooly jumper..so fucking what…I really couldn’t care less what any of them wear..its really way down the list of what I want from a politician.

    8. ineverthoughtidenduphere

      He doesn’t have to wear a suit, but equally he doesn’t have to look like he’s just chased a bullock through a hedge either,

    9. Nigel

      If the last shred of respect for our political institutions and politicians rests on the type of clothes they wear, then I can see why people would cling to it for dear life. Personally, I can see advantages to no longer respecting someone purely because of the clothes they wear. Men in suits and men in cassocks. What’s the opposite of respect again?

  8. Tom

    Good man Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan TD ….buachaill maith !!!
    The arse is falling out of the country the morning after the Budget and you pick a fight with The Ceann Comhairle in the Dail about your dress code … SMART !!!

    1. BLC

      Indeed. There should be some reflex of dignity that kicks in before you start a Dáil speech with a lip-trembling story about your family.

  9. Dave

    Whether you like Ming or not, or whether you care about the way he dresses or not, the sheer childishness of everyone else is infuriating. And when that prick can’t get the rest of them to shut up and let him speak he just tells Ming to sit down as he walks away from his station….I used to fear for our country, but when I see videos like this, of the mindless idiots who are running things, I know it’s already lost.

  10. Jay

    Who is that 105 total douchebag trying to keep order (and failing miserably)? Just show the height of ridicule in the Dail. Dont want to know how much he gets paid either.

  11. Grumpyoldman

    When those stuffed suits interrupt and slag off any TD, they are insulted that TD’s electorate. They are laughing at ordinary everyday people quite simply.

    There seems to be a carte blanche to insult and degrade anyone who hasn’t chosen a career sitting in a office all day long wearing a suit. Most don’t even know how to wear one properly. And most are going menial repetitive tasks such as adding interest to loans and increasing insurance premiums.

    The Dail seems to be stuffed with old school narrow minded self serving gits.

  12. Mon Yo

    To be honest, he does look like he’s a bum that just wandered in off the street and grabbed the mic.

  13. rom

    It is down to respect. If he is anti-suit then fair enough. http://www.broadsheet.ie/2011/11/09/first-photo-luke-ming-flanagans-hemp-suit/ shows that he isn’t. He gets an allowance to buy them. If the two of them up in crusty corner want respect then they dress in a respectful manner. tbh there should be a dress code. He is not being an individual but just being lazy. If his kids are being bullied at school then he should contact the school as the bullies will find something else to mock his kids about. What next “my kids are getting too much homework”. This guy is a TD. I wouldn’t expect a trophy wife to voice such opinion in a forum this public.

    1. Grumpyoldman

      But it’s not about the clothes really is it.

      It’s about the inner circle of Irish politics and business trying the age old trick of ridiculing their critics instead of engaging in the argument.

    2. Nigel

      Funny how you can look at that video and conclude that it’s the guy in the jumper being disrespectful.

    1. Grumpyoldman

      He was never is not a knacker. Some people just don’t like intelligent people highlighting the inequality in Irish society. The smug comfortable class have it good for too long in this country and they don’t like being reminded of it.

  14. SDaedalus

    I do feel for the childer but inevitably all politicians’ kids end up getting slagged off over something or other (the quid pro quo for getting that hereditary Dail seat?)

    However the key thing should be how a deputy behaves and not what they wear and failing to let an elected representative speak is disrespect for the constituents who have elected him and (for those who feel the dress code in the Dail should be ‘professional’) not very professional either.

  15. C Sharp

    He’s absolutely right.
    Dressing in collars and ties has never stopped rampant corruption and in the eyes of most of us a suit has never hidden a liar.

    They need to get over it, Louis Copeland doesn’t take a measurement for integrity.

  16. Sido

    The notion that the way you dress, brings the Dial in to disrepute, should be seen for the nonsense it is.
    And yet paying yourselves fabulously high wages, pensions and expenses, whilst selling the country out, to unelected European bureaucrats, doesn’t bring the Dial into disrepute?
    Yeah whatever?

  17. user

    more important issues going on rather than his f**king clothes. any blind TS’s up there in the dail?? do they give a shit? anyway i see lot of bullies commenting here so your the same as those shower of pricks aka the government

  18. mickmick

    Was anybody else hoping he was going to cross the floor and panel some f**ker on the government side?

  19. Nookie

    Let him wear what he wants to wear.
    If Brian Cowen, Bertie Ahern and all the other shysters who helped ruin this country wore jumpers to the Dail, I wouldn’t respect them any less for what they did.
    The value of the man is in his actions not the clothes on his back.
    I don’t understand how people can attribute importance to his dress style and the arguement about people “representing a company” etc is rubbish. Ireland isn’t a company, or a brand or a corporation. It is a country and it’s people are varied. God forbid that anyone would look at the Dail and think these gobshites are representative of the Irish population. So their dress sense is irrellevent.
    And also, let the man speak. Whether it’s Luke Flannigan or Enda speaking, let the person speak, hear what they say and then deal with it and move on. We pay those people for fck sake. They way they carry on is a disgrace.
    The Dail is about debating, talking and listening. Clothes are irrelevant. But booing and making noise to drown someone out is not.

  20. Monkeyman57

    Sad really, so many young people dying from bullying whilst the ‘wise’ leaders of our nation commit the same abuse for all to see. We learn nothing.

  21. ruairi

    bertie used to spend 60 euro a day (of tax payer money, yes your money) on make up to look his best in the dáil, if we base our judgments on people’s appearance and not on their actions, as is the case here, we will end up with vain, vacuous, self important egomaniacs making the important decisions……………………..hang on………………..

    1. ruairi

      also the guy gives half his salary to community groups in his area, better he spend it on that rather than fancy suits and back handers

        1. Donal

          No, I think you’ll find that once it has been paid to him it becomes his money. And the community he lives in elected him as their representative so he is entitled to be paid at the same rate as all others elected to the same position.

  22. Grumpyoldman

    So whose winning?

    The suit (from €80 to €2000) wearing office people or the casual/smart casual (€80 to €2000) wearing people?

  23. Mickarooney

    anyone else think they should introduce a fine of 100euros if you speak and its not your turn?
    that will sort out the debt in no time!

  24. CE

    Here is a question. If he walked in for a job interview with you dressed as he is would you honestly give him a job? If you are honest with yourself i think you would find the answer is No! In his role as TD he is on show and therefore he should make the effort.
    Food for Thought

    You may say it does not matter you. But everyone of you judges. You may consider him great for dressing that way and you may consider someone who takes great pride in how they dress as a toff either way you Judge! So does it matter he looks like someone who does not give a shit well Yes it does.

    1. user

      but he has the job! no need for suit. if he doesn’t want to wear a suit. so be it. i’m sure he feels more comfortable without wearing one. let the man get on with his job as was elected to do…

    2. Grumpyoldman

      “If he walked in for a job interview with you dressed as he”

      I hire people who can do the job, not look like they can.

    3. Nigel

      Well, he looks like someone who doesn’t give a shit about suits. If you judge people by how much of a shit they give about suits, you’re going to get a lot of people who think they only have to wear a suit to qualify as important.

  25. Klarticus

    If you make a career out of being self publicising attention seeker you can’t really complain when some of the attention & publicity is not to your liking.

  26. f

    It’s a curious thing that so many folk on here see the suit as the only ‘respectable’ workwear out there; and that they argue that the Dáil dress code should mimic that of corporate culture (and a particular kind of corporate culture at that – you won’t catch many in yer Googles or your Facebooks wearing a three-piece). Overalls, high viz vests, steel-toed boots, polo shirts, woolly jumpers (and on and on) are the uniforms sported by thousands upon thousands of workers all over this country and all over the world, while casual dress is standard for most employees in the technology and creative industries (Steve Jobs wore nothing but turtlenecks and trainers for near on 30 years ffs). But still some people on here hew to the notion that our politicians should dress like bankers, accountants, lawyers and salesmen – there is, perhaps, something quite telling in that about their perception of what it is exactly that politicians do, and what they should stand for.

    1. Grumpyoldman

      Very true. I think it comes from a very Irish desire to appear a step up from their neighbour (even though they are quite likely to be a step down).

      Any fool can buy a suit but few can wear one.

      Old money never shows it.

  27. cy hendrix

    Nothing surprises me as far as Irish politics goes,however,One day,and I hope I live to see it, We will all be spectators to the first Irish TD/transvestite in full plumage….that puts the ming clothing dynasty in the shade.One day.

  28. Eamonn Clancy

    Men who refuse to wear suits are hiding something. That creepy look has no place in the dail. Wallace looks like he was a roadie for T Rex who’s just come round from a major acid trip, and the other pair; amber light on the kiddie fiddler warning lights.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      I do hope you’re not registered to vote because it is muppets believing this conservative crap who judge people on appearance that ruined the country.

      Now please… off with ya, there’s another mass on soon.

    2. Unitedwestand

      Eamon you fool. Do you feel threatened by people who don’t succumb to the middle of the road? Afraid of people who break from the pack, from the close huddle of familiarity?

  29. Nordie

    He looks like a tramp. He’s an embarrassment to the country. You wouldn’t see it in any other respectable parliament.

    1. Wrong said Fred

      Suggesting of course that this shower are respectable?
      People go on about respect this and the world stage that but how many articles on Ming’s dress sense make the New York Times?
      I”m guessing not many yet I get sent articles from American friends on a regular basis about what’s going on in Ireland. A personal low point was the one about Bertie not having a bank account while serving as minister for finance. Genuinely embarrassing rather than just mildly inappropriate (if even that).
      I wouldn’t agree with all Mings ideas but him wearing a suit isn’t going to change my mind.

    2. alan brennan

      be good if we had a respectable parliament in the first place…people like u are an embarrassment to the country…get ur priorities right u clown and stop giving such importance to these things…hes obviously qualified to be there as much as any of the others in their suits or watever they feel most comfortable in wearing…im sure dress doesnt effect anyones common sense or qualifications…is int that important to u??or should we turn the dail into some sort of project runway-political operation?the ”better” u dress the more valid ur point is??

    3. Unitedwestand

      “You wouldn’t see it in any other respectable parliament.”

      It’s not a respectable Parliament.

  30. Kolm0

    Ming is analogous to the voice of people via Joe Duffy Show – those besuited apes interupting Deputy MIng are the buffer for golden circle that has us up to our necks in shite. It’s a fu*kin game to these dickheads, frustration will morph into rage….eventually…maybe, if it doesn’t clash with xfactor or some brainless crap.

  31. LovelyJoe

    I quite like his jumper. I have the horrible feeling that the reaction here would have been very different if Ming were a woman who chose to wear ‘inappropriate’ clothing.

    1. Ureii

      Well he’s infinitely more stylish than Clare daly , who looks like she’s been woken up having been asleep in a haystack

  32. Ron

    Stories like this on broadsheet is just fuel for the troll haters to do their hating on the Broadsheet comments thread… Live to hate another day people.. or maybe not. Who gives a f**k what he wears.

    1. Ureii

      Ahhh Remember Ghandi and his annoying insistence on mentioning cannabis at every juncture during the struggle for Indian independence .

      1. Unitedwestand

        The cannabis debate is changing and looks like being legalized in many countries soon. So all you low spec BMW 318 driving, cheap suit wearing, chatty salesmen with Driving CDs in your player are going to sound pretty silly.

  33. Ureii

    Look , most of those men in suits like to wear jeans & tshirts at the weekend , there is every possibility
    That Denim is the cause of all our problems.

  34. Xiao Liu

    I’m not as up-to-date on Ming and his doings as I should be, but from this clip alone, it’s clear that the rest of the Dáil are being incredibly disrespectful towards him, and I find myself very sympathetic towards him and his jumper.

  35. alan brennan

    after reading through many of these comments and viewing the video clip it is clear to me that most people are completely missing the point…the dail is for sorting out all the sh*t in this country,where people we have elected sitand supposedly represent us…we elect these people based on their supposed intellect and their want for improving our lives and in organising this country properly…since when does the way anyone dresses effect how efficent someone is at their job,or influnce their opinions???forget about the get up and get to buisness…instead of takin up OUR time and OUR money discussing jumpers,suits or slacks…this is everything that is wrong with our politicians and the people the supposedly represnt…gobshites!!!cop da f**k on!

  36. Selina Kill

    Just a personal opinion.

    I don’t always agreee with everything he says, or does, but I wish I was in his constituency, so I could vote for him directly.

  37. Buzz

    Bunch of pesants worshipping at the altar of the suit. That’s a perfectly presentable jumper. All the clowns around him guffawing in their ill-fitting suits.

    At least Ming is not a heffalump. He’s passionate about his causes, not just in it for the dough like a lot of them. Does the fact that Enda Kenny wears a suit and tie make him any less of a gom? I don’t think so. He couldn’t carry off a jumper so he dons the uniform to distract the lumpen masses from what’s missing between his ears.

      1. PoliticiansarenotjustforChristmas

        I agree Ming has passion and conviction and is honest about his position. All these qualities are admirable in any person.

        He is in stark contrast to what is around him who are so indifferent to everything but pay and the Dail bar tab. Every fair minded person admires a man/woman of conviction. Ms Shortall, Ming, Mr Ross etc we have some great people in office too!

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