Rarely Seen ‘Rare Auld Times’


From an exhibition opening tonight (until January 30) in the Little Museum of Dublin, St Stephen’s Green of photographs taken by Brendan Walsh.

Brendan, whose Dublin collection spans 1972-1982, did his “apprenticeship” in Northern Ireland with Magnum photographer Evelyn Hofer.

Simon O’Connor at the Museum writes:

The photos are amazing – harrowing but really beautiful and very dignified. Brendan was also present taking shots at the famous Gregory Deal of 1982, some of those are in the exhibition too. Its unsurprising how relevant these photographs still are –  a people’s resilience in the face of a state’s failure to nurture them, a continuing hallmark of the city.


 Heart of the City 1972 – 1982 – Photographs Of Dublin’s North City Centre by Brendan Walsh (Little Museum of Dublin)

Spot the locations, anyone?

28 thoughts on “Rarely Seen ‘Rare Auld Times’

  1. Kelvin Sprocket &The Widgets

    That barbarian in photo 1 appears to be wearing the hide of an ocelot, a rare and endangered species of (large) cat, although it isn’t one of the 5 big cats..

  2. Kelvin Sprocket &The Widgets

    ….or it could be a snow leopard – even rarer. Thankfully the prestige of wearing endangered wildlife as an ornament isn’t as common these days.
    Cat was probably more intelligent than the woman.

    1. C Sharp

      Get over yerself Kelvin, that photograph could be 40 years old and that coat could just as easily be synthetic.

  3. Grumpyoldman

    “harrowing but really beautiful and very dignified.”

    Oh shut up.

    If that’s harrowing then 99% of people born in the 1960s had a ‘harrowing’ childhood. Less of the guilt drama.

    1. McNinja

      I was just about to say the same thing but was also going to include the words ‘condescending prick’.

  4. Burnt Fingers

    I was going to say Frank Carson in drag myself, but I see himself as we’ll now that you mention it. She does look like some aul fella doing a “Mrs. Brown” skit alright…

  5. Grumpyoldman

    Are people here applying contemporary sensitivities about animal fur to a woman (probably wearing a fake) in the 1960s?

    How utterly ignorant is that.

  6. Ko

    Harrowing and dignified?!…please spare us the museum curator waffle. These are simply very cool photos, especially the girl with the towel on her head, a pure messer by the looks of it, love it!

  7. irlandesa

    Great pics. Love the one of the two kids marching down the hill eating icelollies – brought back my childhood.

  8. Got Milk?

    Great images. Ruined (like most articles I come across on Broadsheet) by the idiotic comments.

    Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is all I have to say to you people.

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