48 thoughts on “Tea Break

  1. DonnietheDunesman

    LYONS is no more Irish. UNILEVER. On another note, did anyone see the FAKE picture of the wine aisle Conor Pope posted on Twitter yesterday?

      1. DonnietheDunesman

        I know the lassie that sent it to him, photo shopped in 2 people to make it look like we are a bunch of drunken fools puttering around Tesco for wine. Bad form.

        1. Marty

          Doesn’t look photoshopped to my untrained eye. Even if it was, it was hardly Conor’s bad form for passing it on. What did you want him to do? Go to Tesco to verify it?

          1. DonnietheDunesman

            He could have at least browsed over the snap before sharing it with thousands of people. Am i wrong?

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    “Ah here, leave it out” belongs to our street vocabulary and colloquial discourse. A corporate multinational has no right to it! And the ad stinks.

    1. Advertising On Police Cars

      Took the little fella to see Cinderella at ghe gaiety and “Ah Here leave it out!” was the big catch phrase……not being from Dublin it was all a bit confusing, does the phrase originate from the Youtube video of the 2 skangers getting pummellled on Talbot street by the Eurotrash Gym monkeys??

  3. missred

    I would love to see the two of them have it out in some sort of wrestling match. Sumo, preferably

    O’Leary has a face so smug no amount of kicking will rid him of it. Varadkar will lose. I put the odds at 17/1

    1. woesinger

      Sumo’s just a lot of posturing leading up to a disappointingly brief slap fight. These guys do that every day.

      You need to take them out of their comfort zone – put them in a cage with one broken wine bottle in the middle and tell them only one man gets out.

      1. missred

        It’d certainly be worth it for the noises they’d make – O’Leary’s Machivellian level of cackling as he stands by even when Varadkar attempts many a slash with the above bottle. Varadkar will be growling like an indignant bulldog.

        Gabriel Byrne gets to be the referee.

    1. paul m

      thats like comparing dancing minstrels with smoking monkeys. besides, Barrys tea is jam packed with Fine Gael propeganda. I’ll drink it but i dont have to be happy about it (could be worse, we could be stuck with the anemic dipped in dishwater muck that is Liptons). Good tae is probably the only thing calming the nerves of the near riotous masses these dark days. dark like a proper strong cuppa.

      aaaand… on goes the kettle.

        1. woesinger

          No, no, no – flouride’s for tainting and impurifying our previous bodily fluids.
          *Chemtrails* are for calming.

          1. BLC

            Somewhere in the corridors of Camp Broadsheet, Zuppy is kicking over a Coke machine and muttering about “Purity of essence.”

        2. paul m

          great! budget beater two for one deal – i’ll be sure to not bother with the toothpaste anymore and wash my teeth with it so. will give a lovely warm tabacco yellow hue of yesteryear to my gnashers.

  4. VinLieger

    Wait im confused? People are pissed that a foreign brand is advertising to irish people? No where in the ad do they claim to be irish either, they simply used an irish colloquial is that illegal too now?

    1. woesinger

      It’s sort of like the confusion, anger and disappointment that you felt as a child when you thought Michael J. Fox was American and then you discover he’s Canadian, but he’s still playing Americans…only madder.

  5. Grumpyoldman

    Neither Barry’s or Lyons (Irish people think that’s their only choice, poor little brand sheep).

    Herbal teas for me.

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