The Quinn Trust Fund


Spare a thought this Christmas.


As the costs of the Quinns’ legal action against the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation continue to add up, Sean Quinn junior says the financial support from locals is “badly needed”.
He told The Impartial Reporter: “There are a number of local business people who have set up a trust fund in Belfast to help us with our litigation. That support was very badly needed and is very much appreciated by me and my family.”


Sean Junior Says ‘Badly Needed’ Trust Fund Is Appreciated (The Impartial Reporter)

39 thoughts on “The Quinn Trust Fund

    1. Amsterdamaged

      They’ve probably given the cash to “a number of local business people” who then put it into trust fund in Belfast. Adding money laundering to their list of wrong doing.

  1. Takeit

    Like they don’t have anything stashed away. They have to be seen to have no money for legal fees or questions will be asked. As soon as this is finished you won’t see one of them back in this country again.

  2. Mon Yo

    Who gives a shit? The kind of people who give them money are f**king morons. If people want to throw their money away then let them.

      1. Jerra

        Only idiots think Ireland is more corrupt or that Irish people are more stupid than anywhere else.

      2. ZeligIsJaded

        What shit would that be, Mon Yo?

        How the f**k is blind loyalty to a corrupt little man not weird.

        There’s some logic to other business men backing him up, that makes financial sense to them I assume. Promises repaid etc..

        But how does a regular citizen of this country see virtue in the actions of the Quinns.

        ‘He made jobs, he made jobs’ they say.
        Thats what Billionaires do.
        And fair play to them.

        But ffs, the money theey’re hiding would go a long way today

        1. Mon Yo

          You need to get over the fact that this kind of thing doesn’t just happen in Ireland. You’re an idiot if you think it does. People who see virtue in the Quinn’s actions are idiots too. It’s just that you are a different type of idiot to them.

          1. ZeligIsJaded

            Mon Yo – you’re obviously some kind of ninja – It seems it’s impossible to avoid your ‘idiot’ quips – fair play – You’ve outdone me.
            I would point out that I never said it doesn’t happen any where else.


  3. Underpants.

    Ah yea, the people from Monaghan and Cavan continuing to embarrass themselves by holding collections this Sunday no doubt!

  4. yawn

    Q1: If its not a registered charity and would therefore be a contribution to the individuals, and these are bankrupt, should the funds not be diverted to their creditors (Irish State)? Q2: Will they be paying CAT (Gift Tax)? Q3: Are contributions subject to money laundering legislation? Aren’t solicitors obliged to satisfy theselves on the provenance of funds that pass through their practice?

  5. mcp

    This is all a hypothesis, but say if one of his extended family withdraws EUR16k a day from ATMs in the Cavan/Monaghan region, from today onwards. That would raise nearly EUR6m over the next year. I’m sure that will help towards the legal costs.

  6. frillykeane

    I suspect the beneficial ownership of those businesses or the financing of those businesses of those business people might be worth investigating.

  7. KeithFahey's moustache.

    A tiny micro example of all that is wrong with this country encapsulated in one place.

    Look after the auld boys club

    Support local over national

    Its ok to do Illegal things as long as we benefit

    Sure the Church and GAA say they are ok so they must be and so on

  8. Rompsky

    Looks like a fairly sound investment tbh. ‘Lend’ them money to pay their fees and keep them looking innocent… get return plus shopping centre in Ukraine when this all dies down and they find some forgotten investments down the back of the couch.

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