22 thoughts on “Typical

  1. Arbs

    Where’s Senator Ronan Mullen when you need him? An agrarian girleen of impeccable morals with the flower of her virtue intact is bound to be among this bevy of bucolic womanhood.

  2. John Joe Brethren

    Too many muckers, more like! That’s why a lad with a brain will be staying in his domicile jerkin it to online offerings!

        1. illuminati16

          clear up some issues for me , as you seem like two highly intellectual fellows . Is it anyone from outside dublin?? are kildare people boggers? what if you grew up outside dublin but are now provost of trinity college are you still a bogger? does dublin claim boggers once they become successful? is rob kearney a bogger? Bressie from the Blizzards? there are so many loop holes it gets quite confusing

      1. KeithFahey's moustache.

        It was scary, asked was I a farmer, nope sudden lost of interest, was enjoying the conversation so I kept slogging away I suddenly thought I was in Royston Vasey

        1. illuminati16

          i met a dub once, she still lived with her parents at 26, couldn’t drive and had never left Dublin, she also had a scummy dublin accent, I was not suitably impressed

  3. jack

    Do Irish guys still date Irish girls? ;) Thank goodness for eastern European women,.. suppose we’ll see a few of these on the late late show some time in the future complaining that they can’t find a man.

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