We Don’t Normally Do This



Trinity College Students’ Union writes:

John McLean (above), the minder and guardian of the Trinity Cat, is reporting that ‘Trinny’ has been missing since around 8pm last night. Mr. McLean has spent the past three years looking after Trinny on a daily basis and is very distraught. Should you come across her on your travels through campus [or elsewhere] please notify Students Union Front Office in House 6 [or through Facebook page below].


TCDSU (Facebook)

13 thoughts on “We Don’t Normally Do This

    1. Jerra

      …and Mr McLean doesn’t look unlike Giovanni Trappatoni, whether I’m mistaken or not if I’m not mistaken.

  1. frillykeane

    FFS. Were ye afraid pussy wouldn’t tell everyone she meets she’s in Trinity?

    Is it any wonder….

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